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Do not let another person suffer because of his

almost everything became dark before my eyes when I received a message line:" TH Oh this weekend is the wedding going H . no? ". I almost stopped dead, it runs up the terrace of my button-down company, filled with tears, shock and heart pain.

I can not believe that he is gone forever. He leaves without a goodbye. Abrupt and cold.
He still says he loves her only child, I m just here for you to feel this life ới mean, I love you not because you smart, beautiful, but because streak of gentle and thoughtful children. his family is very precious for that child, so that ...

Both kids are busy and away from each other, or to confide in one another and encouragement by phone and mail. He said last year he moved permanently to Hanoi to work the story of two little long. But recently I found him very strange. He phoned me at least, the message flow also decrease the word love. I asked, he says these days he is too busy because of work to complete the transfer to Hanoi. In my heart I had the feeling there's something comforting but self-assured in his love. But now I know I was wrong.

It turned out to transfer the work to Hanoi and working in a place many people wish he had chosen to betray my love. That is striving to achieve a high position in society is not easy but there are ways and their own young, there is much intellectual time and opportunity to achieve so he chose that path.

The fiancée of his own daughter of his leadership, he handsome, voluble public with a sense of humor, so it is easy to understand why he can easily that position.

I have refused many confession of the rich man to love me because although his family difficulties, but he always strives to rise. But money and status have made him change. He quietly going his own way, you're afraid to face you, I'm afraid not know how to explain to you right?

Well, anyway everything is arranged, You can blame it could not have him again, only more suffering alone. Though painful, but I still wish him happiness, love his wife the truth, not to add one more to his suffering.

Child, though he can not forget, can not assuage the pain, but you will still striving, trying to live better because many people around you pay attention to yourself and loved much. I would walk steadily on his feet and smiled to look ahead.

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