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Do not go through life so fast!

Do not go through life so fast! For a while, then come to realize that myself becoming cold ...

your story!

That ... Sunday afternoon is a very peaceful, 7pm, everyone poured into the street to go out with family, friends ... The feeling of everything is very quiet, from street lamps to each tree. Since the cars are running until the smiling face looks like. The whole ambience of calm and full of joy.
On that day I've just had good participation from the kids visit the Little Rose on. Feel very happy, a feeling of pleasure along the drill body, feeling as fit as DC 1 something useful to society, feeling smug that he is!

flight is satisfied with his own happiness is. Blunted. Do not know how to describe (his description of very bad writing (_ _!)) ... where there is a crossroad, is quite great for the road but not very wide! I saw her grandmother, an extinct wood I do not know how to manage too many bottles of mites are massive across the road from King *** unwind ... taught that woman was, too small compared to dream about bottle was huge, crowded the other way, the two sides are also many people in, the shop is still crowded, very crowded tumlai around it. But no one, no one to bother their eyes on that lady, no one to care about the woman he needed help two very small ... Why do people become so cold? Why they could so finely made by the ?????
I stopped the car, a billionaire lu bu she solidified her dream about the specific bottle of massive ... tie did not know how well that time a computer is also the man to help, so they finished ... 3 people and a wheelbarrow (which is a small board, with four wheels on the bottom and a top rope to pull with plastic) bottles filled with towering tickets, standing in the way cui lui ... Meanwhile his father, a taxi driver is facing another losing streak, he hit his soft ty ... The grandmother has just re-map has sample material appearance to me that "all the small car as she used to be much cargo room he's president burned before, so that 200 thousand vehicles, several hours burned before he was president but she has no substance car must use this map (the board has 4 wheels) should be skeptical drop ah "... then his mouth and whistled always thank me and he helped other ... Then she pulled her car to go to temporary. She really felt bad, but in the meantime his pocket only true 100k should not be sending her a little more to buy that car, then she also forgot to ask where ... Well they had it, see her in another day!
What he protects what the hell do you think that it went confiscated the substance of the grandmother's car did you? People happy on the road it could look so neglected a little old lady was on the road without the slightest sympathy? ...

Of comedy ... if a girl is young and beautiful ... a ty nget petrol alone is asking people to help run chirping ... or is someone with a car accident near the middle of the road objects, people only see the luxuriant again ... There are few truly open my heart to know but you?
Feeling very disappointed with people like that!
Behind faces a delicate but clear ... smile just a soul trapped opaque, can not see anything outside myself ... again ...

I write this ... just hope you've read, will try not to walk through life so fast!
Do not just thinking about my own personal feelings. Be interested in people more, and do not hesitate to help a someone that I can able to, right!
Living in life should have a heart!
Heart sometimes go back without getting a new heart the most beautiful!

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