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Do not ever doubt me, me!

You have hundreds, thousands of children were not reason to doubt him, but the most simple reason is I love you and me too!
Send loving wife

I know you mad but he did not say much today because of what happened last week. You say that he does not care about you, that you just know your friends, work, and the other woman children, that they are no longer attractive as we get married early, and so on and so on ... are I can think of something to doubt the work and social relationships of him. Because I do not want any mood melancholy and anger forever, I'll tell you all my thoughts for you to understand and sympathize with him than me ok.

He was born in families with many siblings, family difficulties, parents have to work hard for the brothers to go to school and the people of today, there is a very big thank my parents. So I understand very well the difficulties of the parents' and their obligations to their children. So after my wedding, he tried to work a lot with the desire to bring comfort to my life and for our children later. I know you are a rare woman, loved her husband and willing to shoulder "Jiangshan" house husband. Before you marry me, she is the daughter her parents loved wine and devoted gallantry, good gentle and polite, never have to worry about material life like now, so that they bear about living with he, a poor young engineers new graduates do not have stable jobs, many difficult problems of life, hard work. I love you so much and I appreciate that.

But my dear, how life with carbon inserts, one must always start a positive movement to get a foothold in society, he did everything he could to make you more comfortable life, without worrying as much as today. To do that, you have to search multiple partners, many contracts were signed and the work of his increasingly busy little more time for me really. He knows is so flawed and unfair to me. Many come home from work today I saw him asleep on the sofa waiting for a meal, he finds love and finds herself extremely blessed because it has such a wife. He lightly kissed my forehead and then he went to the bathroom, then call them up with a meal, the couple's meal was warm. Eaten, not coddle them into bed and forced him to carry me into the room, you look like a child Miu, docile in his arms while he slept until dawn. Some days I am up early to do breakfast for my husband to have time to add a little more sleep. I know you woke up and then lie to him but still do everything for you, you really bad and abused me too much, but I still like it. With him, outside the family, life would make no sense without you in my life.

Then last weekend, I go the supermarket and found him carrying a young girl beauty of the car ... I doubt he died. He explained me that she just co-workers and his business partner, I believe him temporarily. But two days later they met again and again heard a friend of his style braking others, angry at me about him all day, did not say that, to silence him so much misery. He said married life is sometimes quarrel occurred, but the couple may have, but if they stay home with his family, the children also face many other pressures, then sorry for you too . You know, that day he carried the girl to wander round the city to explore the market, but he estimated that the car he was sitting behind me, not her, so he can carry you to contemplate the city and pleasure trip. I'll buy you what you want, I'll do anything you feel free, I'll kiss you deep if you see the park so will show my love for you even though he very afraid, I'll do anything to compensate for their deficiencies.

Honey, I want you to know I was really happy and proud to be a beautiful young wife , intelligent, and responsible and loving husband out of ink. I want you to understand that even if I do, go with who is in his heart has only you alone. I love you more than yourself, I love you because you are part of his life. Therefore, they can upset you but please do not ever doubt my love for you, loving wife nhé! If you doubt me, I will be sad, but very old and sad, the color ... If so then no one will carry me to bed each night, no one will massage it for you, nobody will get up early making breakfast for children on Sunday mornings, no one will listen to the joy, my sadness, scapegoat because no one would change the character of the children in those days ... I have

hundreds, thousands of children were not reason to doubt him, but the most simple reason is I love you and you too! So there is no reason to doubt him I have to then make it difficult for her to not love. Looking at her sleeping so he looks cute does not always take your eyes off your face is. Okay wife, sir, "he sleepy already! Hope you understand that his heart, me! Love,


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