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Do hope you like this you?

He is the glossy parts military, who may be here for life cover and cover for your transport. But still there but, though very small, he does not. Then, do not disappoint with her husband.

Understand the relationship mother in law - daughter in law

It's very difficult to understand why your husband wife and his mother confront each other again. More difficult if he was asked to choose one of them.

The best solution for this situation is explained to her husband, as a wife, that should be fair with you like to mother him. If you disagree with her husband, get married and settlement. You should also ask her husband on their side when needed, but must have reasonable cause. Should accept and respect her first husband, then she will do the same with you.

Attention to pre-menopausal problems, abdominal pain
Because men have never and will never experience this problem. Lack of understanding and sympathy for his selfish does not mean, just because he has never actually experienced it.

Next month, explain to her husband to understand that what you face - the pain swings, hormonal changes - make you emotional, irritable, and your sympathy for those of you act.

You can ask him to remove back to relieve pain or open your tub with warm water to soak. If you do something to help comfort his wife, your husband will feel useful. As for you, please do not try to curb unfair treatment to her husband.

Well behaved like a child
Most men still prefer the role they had played as a kid such as video games, shooting or a child playing with toys.

Take advantage of this, try to suggest some interesting activities in which they can play to "cement ties of friendship." Please help her husband escape from the harsh casing and take him to fun places.

Imagine, when you look out the window, and saw him playing with them with the enthusiastic young vote, the more you love him even more.

watching another woman
Men love watching women and discover the beauty of each person. They can appreciate the beauty of other women without an effect, or any comparison with you.

If you feel uncomfortable when the erring husband's eyes as a that red ball, tell him that his comments and asked him not to do it when you're next. Should not be too angry. Because sure that you are being noticed by a handsome guy sitting in a corner cafe.

And finally, they both need each other, that is the problem .

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