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One day, rain forever, forever rain from dawn to dusk, people in my roll warm blanket and lay outside the window watching the rain, I miss you ...

Fate! I tried to pass, when trying to rain I will not miss him anymore, he will be buried deep nostalgia forgotten, the so-called flow of life and the busy everyday worries. But these days you probably have too much free time, so I feel free to know how much useless when sitting and looking at the rain and then miss you ...

One day, I wondered: "My dear! It's raining like this, where he was working, and at a certain moment he looked outside and remembered me?". I dare not allow themselves to answer these questions, because you are scared, I'm afraid I must say I truly, truly everything, that I'm just a girl forever in your hearts, a mischievous little girl and Quick cheerful chatter, that's all he interesting! Sometimes you hear these words, I read the article, and I thought I'd miss, I miss you, I think whether it is "charming", but I do not want to think about, because you are scared I remember you, I was afraid he know?

One day, me me and my kid and watch TV, see there, and it turned to look at me and grinned , it knows I miss you, and it poked me, I just want the tears to flush out only unhappy boy. In there, you know the words of you, I remember him in your head? For him, it might be whistling, smiling, said to vague, but for me, I always tried to hide his feelings that, I try to keep it a secret for their own children only because you are scared ... I'm afraid I must ask unilaterally, I fear I have lost him and I fear you no longer hold fast features young child in me anymore ... Oh I know, I also fear the day when he and someone, holding hands smiling happy, he will capture photos and share her happiness with you, you will always cheerful smile and wish him happiness. But do you know when you uttered the words that the tears are falling in line I did not he? He just assured that you will always be a happy person when other people happy, even when that happiness will trade with tears when alone in my small room.

I want to cling on to his even just for a minute disturbance ...

Yes these days, so I think suffering, I want to cling on to his even just for a minute disturbance, according to you where you want it and build something on the wishes of children: a house on the hillside , looking straight into the sea, every evening will have two people holding hands to go out after a day's work fatigue. Happy and romantic than his children. Do you ever think that a noise like you that there are minute dream like that? But the fact was attachment you back, you think about the future, about family, about my parents, when parents think that I want to cry, I do not want to put two people that go by the happiness of themselves. 2 I do not want him to suffer or have the time to sit sad miss you, you do not want to, but ... you know between reality and dream the future, the aspiration was kept smoldering in you. It seems you do not do it, much as I secretly wish, wish I remember you well, wish I also love something like the jokes he used to tell me. I wish you and me, together we will overcome these difficulties, he will empower you, sympathy for you and love you with all your heart, and you, I'll be the spiritual for me , I'll try my best for all of us, I will do everything to him and everyone was happy. But all is not only his dreams, because he does have, or know, that although he has said no matter, he probably only avoided because he afraid, I know you worry, there are many the obstacles his children, and I think hard, very hard when we want to overcome obstacles that ... But I still believe that, when me, you can have it all, you'll get it over with both, unfortunately ... we do not belong together, that's a fact that I know very clearly.

New people ask me about the future, he also said that they do not want to go away again, have to care for parents, and when it comes to those words, I really do not know that she is like any other boy. You're such a conflict, they still raise the hope, the hope is frail than that was, that this year, I will try to complete all tasks well, so then I'll come along him. You will find a stable job there, and I'll try to get him, but of course I only do it when he has a lover, but if you have not finished when he had it ... I also do not want to think about. That day he informed me, would be so down on me and also did not know until you regain balance, the new boy again. But he assured, I will always wish him to be happy, because it's my mouth that question, though few, then I'm sad to be well hidden ...

From the day he prepared leave this place until this place is no longer his shadow anymore, I still always the main concern for you, you are too stupid not when you keep hoping and waiting for adoption into something too far away , although in his children will never fade. I in him will always be a bright spot and a place for him to find the sad, but I would expect many more boy. I do not know you have enough patience to continue to rail at a remote photo like this ever again? You know, on my last birthday, I always expect a miracle can not happen, as I wish I was joking with friends, he appeared there, hahaha, he really is rubbish Children, because there - have brought a new name, the MS, while MS is what he or she will not say who knows where ... I've always been much loved, but the happiness that I wished there Maybe not always true, I never dared to speak out their true feelings, do not you dare tell me what the sentence "I need you", but she just smiled and waved to him only, that day , I was crying so much, I still cry a lot these days, but I will try to pass, I'll try ...

Please wait for me , and let my dream come true, be the mainstay of the children have not you?

This is my only wish is you - please - wait - you are not me ? Please wait for me, and please make my dream come true, be the mainstay of his children were not there? When you're a prop for someone else, but the prop that you can lean on, there is no one, except me ... The plan is that he often confided to me, much as I believe that every mistake 2 is a plan for us, I wait for you to school, and we will come together ... I feel free to scold him "Forget, he is an only child, you are also an only child, his parents also, you also for you parents, two children come apart again in a few hundred kilometers, above all, he seemed to just see you as a loving girlfriend only, but does not love you. You also read the newspaper thought so tired. " I yelled at her like that, you know, but I still dream, I just dreamed this pipe dream when he notices he has a new lover. I promise, promise you, with your own, and promise to live my own heart rather than peace and love in pain waiting for you?

This afternoon I took a bicycle and black wind ran around in my house, you come to a bridge and sat there, remembered about him. I do not know what to do anymore boy, because they dare not speak their feelings, because they fear failure, fear of facing the truth. I have to do? It looks like you're really stuck, then he ah ...

* * * I love

Wait and hope
He is the only person I lo
his diary no

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