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Discover the 'Saw' your

Put yourself in a situation of small and honest answers about how to behave according to the following test, you will discover more interesting things about the ability to" hold saw "her.
1. Being green purse to pay in the store, you stood up and "beam" that guy at the counter looked very attractive. You will:
a. Pretending still find something in the search for opportunity and chatting with him
b. With a smile, a sexy and stroked her hair lightly when you pay
c. Seemed to not care but when turned on, you turn back a little wink at him
2. Then you notice that the main guy in the crowd. He turned away should not see you, you will:
a. Tap the shoulder to call him and tell him you know where to add
b. Stared ... he found that "oil" which turned
c. Go to a position where he can see you but pretend not recognize
3. As he comes back, you:
a. Smiling and waving
b. Looking away
c. Looking back on a very cold
4. He nearly got to talking, say remember meeting somewhere. You will say is:
a. You also remember meeting in the shop
b. You know that met but did not remember where
c. You do not remember having
5. Cute guy compliments you, your response:
a. Says: Yeah, I'm cute!
b. Thanks and sure you like his shirts
c. You always say so
6. At talk, you:
a. Trying to find out his interests
b. Looking very much and sometimes lightly touch his hand
c. Tell much about yourself
7. When you leave that place, he said, is to see you:
a. You give him your phone number
b. You asked for his phone number
c. You'll sometimes promise to the store where he made more
8. So, you like this guy and it seems he likes you. How long until you two started dating?
a. As soon as possible
b. A few days
c. At least a week, or even a month
9. You think the biggest mistake of a girl when he first saw her like that they often act too:
Arrogant b. C. shy
10. According to you, know flirting success:
a. Friendly and accessible
b. For he knows I like him subtly
c. Feel for the guy to pursue
a majority of the sentence: She irresistible charm: You have great ability chatting. You know exactly what to say to seduce, and ultimately familiar trap their prey an attractive financial situation.
way you expressed in your talk show personality and confident even when in your heart bingo reviews are nervous. Once the boys reached the sight of you, you start with the charming conversation and noticed that he gradually became interested in you. You must be extremely clever her speech.
sentence b: You like to play "nerves" in the art of charm. You always make the guy feel curious and confused about what you think about him. These small signs he noticed the words and gestures of his you just have to guess and guess it is your image disturbances began his locusts and know.
c: She was a high price. You make the guy feel like having ... the prime minister a chance easier than dating you. Flirting is only trifles with you and look like you never knew to feel like losers.
cited above is only the advantages of the way flirting different. Abuse of the characteristics of each form will be counterproductive, such as she will be very easy to bring you a reputation for being easy, she b cute but shy or haughty c she will lose some guy running shoes.
" High Hand "is still the most flexible combination of the above methods, the right audience and Best time to remember and love will come naturally.

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