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Did the Earth Move for You?

Angela eleven-year-old girl suffering from debilitating neurological disease. She was unable to walk, and the doctors did not hold out much hope of her recovery. But she was undaunted. There, lying in bed, but she still promised to make sure everyone that she will one day walk again.

She was transferred to a rehabilitation center characteristics especially in San Francisco. The therapist is very impressed with the strength of her spirit. They taught her methods to use imagination to visualize that you are walking. If this does not work then at least give her more hope and positive thinking to do in the long days in bed sick. Angela always work as hard as possible in each collection physiotherapy. But she was still lying in bed and imagined, she imagined herself walking, walked, and walked away.

One day, when she was trying to think you're going on its own feet it seemed as though a miracle happened. The bed moved! It began to move around the room. She screamed: "Look what I'm doing this I could I moved, I moved!"

Of course, that special moment, everyone in the disease Hospital and everybody is screaming dive music running for shelter. People were screaming, falling furniture, and glass was breaking. it was an earthquake! But do not let Angela know about this. She was convinced that she made such wonderful things.

Only a few years later, she was back in school. By his own feet. Wooden legs without crutches, no wheelchair. Anyone who witnessed the earthquake occurred in the region between San Francisco and Oakland may also pass a mild disease that does not?

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