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Desert Is In Heaven If You Have It .....

I remember the letter I wrote to you? I do not remember the exact date of the letter that I miss nao.Nhung today is a date 10/2008.Khi you get that letter I was very vui.Khi I wrote that letter is when we are angry nhau.Em thought I'd say goodbye to you in that letter . phai.Buc But that message I wrote to you, I tell you I love you like I said when nao.Trong letters speak when he has a loving goodbye lover goodbye anh.Khi people that he can not stand sitting at their desks duoc.Cu he cried, he nua.Doc suicide to think that I was very sad in my heart I am nothing if love is the trong.Nhung I do not think she like my haphazard kia.Anh said his confidence in life hon.Anh also told me that "if T is now far from B will not know how anymore." Now I know "how to" his roi.Em have told him about the affair before it's em.Anh always get the message out to torture em.Trong he wrote: "B, B knows nothing compared with T's former lover, very poor B, B does not bring anything for both T and B only know only 10k to buy a phone card. "Every time I read here is khoc.Anh where you never know think of money when ca.Em always love you thank heaven he has brought me more grief to his em.Nhung to heaven when he em.Den away now when you remember that letter is usually carried out reader to feel love for you in time qua.Moi reads every time I cry, I cry every time, every time I remember about him, every time I remember about him is that when I'm sad nhat.Bay I remember the time when you usually khoc.Co who think we broke dau.Ai thought we could never live without each other even for a minute giay.Nhung now he has gone far away, leaving I alone, alone remember anh.Khong know now when I remember about you? Sometimes I think of you if only for a moment alone? When I went I was crying so I did not thought nhieu.Em stand up duoc.Nhung encouragement of friends and thinking about the future that someday he will return to me, so I was very nhieu.Bay better now I no longer think wiggle tung nua.Em trying to live well, trying to learn about family tot.Em small children, they also are good friends of you, and you know I'll always be there to monitor every step they di.Anh yen take care, though you will live better without you in ben.Anh well live well then, I love!
I still remember how I had teased me that you'll get no reaction chong.Anh ca.Toan "as the price of ice cold winter." He told you that I have a boyfriend, do not bother me nua.Nhung you can not not bother me because I can not help but love anh.Em message, call anh.Nhung now he has replaced the phone number, you are no longer any way to contact him ca.Chi a message on internet.Nhung you know whether you have a message, then you never get a line of response ca.Nhu anh.Nhung okay so than not.
No one thought I'd ask a poor child who is an old tuoi.Kem chu.Cung may ask why does not he ma.Dung? People love to protect our children is love con.Tinh loved children but why do you like this. He was fabulous, right?
They say heaven never betray his people how gio.Em would not betray heaven em.Em will wait for him back to a day not far em.Em hope he it will bring him back to me.

Peace is where he found,

Happiness is where you stop,

With You He is all ...

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