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Department of guy they identify

Men clutter can carefully clean the dress, men can also do good. How nice of men usually stop at the level select appropriate costumes, hair neat.

However, caution should be with those who do look excessive grooming, abuse, things like hair gels, perfumes and even even cosmetics. This is a "men barefaced chic clothes" such as Nguyen Du once described Chief Student Code.

There also needs to pay attention to the situation. Men usually only pay attention to dress at occasions such as holidays assembly. Khan, the Department at any time and attention to appearance.

2 - Highlight all costs

Men while they often want to conquer their dominant than others. But to get that they do not in any way.

With Fan Khan is different. This type of person who would do anything to stand out above the others despite all the tricks. Sometimes they even sacrificed herself to her close friends to achieve their goals. Them in the name of love that many women have many reasons to take them. But the traitor even friends can not be a reliable and sincere love.

3 - Like to show contempt for money

In front of the beautiful people, the Department of Khan is known to represent "quality" of his . He often acts showed that significant financial despise despise money. Are you upset about the cell phone problem, he can throw it down the river and give it to your expensive phone which he used.

But in fact the Department of Khan guy who is often tight money even know how to take advantage of other material. They only showed contempt for money to impress you. For those who really important that they do not have to look down on financial shows.

4 - jesuitic

Giving a beggar for a big money and help people through the ... But deliberately to let you know that action or make it a fancy way to make a good impression for myself. The men who really did not do so well.

5 - Know how to take advantage of financial classifieds

Everyone has certain abilities, but usually very know how the Department of Khan use the talents of its stars for the most favorable. Guitar, vocals are those ads where the guy they are very or municipal use.

With the ordinary, they can also use this odd, but they use it in a natural way without prior arrangements calculations.

Department of Khan also very pleased to know how women get spoiled. They had been exposed to really understand women and women psychologists. They can despite all satisfied as long as your girlfriend.

With man this is not normal. Sometimes they are clumsy, they may like you but does not mean accepting all to win the favor of you.

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