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Decode the message of Young

If you ask him a message and respond with abbreviated words such as: Yes, no, uh ... then perhaps private come at the wrong time or place you do not have anything in his heart.
Just a guy through text messaging, you'll know he was emotional for me to what extent .
friendly messages
contrast with the short style, he often replies to your messages with a sociable, close and friendly. He asks you qualify and extraordinary attention to you.
mean guy loves you and really want you to meet him one more chance to ask other words via SMS. This ability is the son makes you happy and happiness.
Muskmelon trafficking messages
Every day, he is always ready to listen to you and even more trade aside. And then, suddenly these stories but to collect in your mind
He was you completely and then attract the level of your relationship becomes more intimate. But there must also be noted that when he just see you as a girlfriend of his closest.
Message apathy
You send messages to him and long after receive answers. And while the message to each other, you feel he is at once a message to many others and you have to "queue" waiting their turn.
If you previously also wondering if you guys have not noticed, now can conclude now that he has not noticed anything special to you both.
The quartet
He used many words and romantic emoticons extremely funny. Brief words of guy, easy to understand but full of imagery and emotion filled early date.
Maybe you guys have collapsed a long time ago and are very much like to close with you every day. Romantic messages still can not describe their feelings a lot of guys miss also grades.
He sends you text messages and funny stories he laughs collected.
He wanted to share information with people who are close and you are someone like that with him. This is a good start.

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