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Dear wife, do not be lazy nhé!

ideal man would be born a woman hand cherish their care. By far it is from the old nature of women employees. But sometimes things happen outside the law. Some guy was really unfortunate that those beautiful socks to "see the flow" ... "Beautiful, but in the dirt

Just step into, Liem not scared off because of the context Ruins of bedrooms Hanh, who love him.

this an every angle, corner one pair of pants, shirts flickers somewhere "small" under ... under a chair. Glancing into the bed, Integrity can imagine exactly every morning, my girlfriend woke up and just ignore the sex unleashed for spreading, horizontal and vertical so at least weekly are less ...

Besides, Hanh still calmly sitting in front of the bowl fill-up, carefully plastered to her face plastered with how their stages, and fragrant perfume. There, Make up and beauty tools product is listed, all goods expensive but also look after ... not to be cherished and kept very clean!

Liem do not understand why a girl beautiful face, so bright again can stay in a "hard" sloppy, dirty like some guy who's hiring students this inn. more looks, more and see the room's appearance and Happiness is a large block of contradictions.

have a couple of times, there Liem clever song that reminds Hanh immediately suppressed immediately reasoning: "You better put what you teach that presentation." Liem So hard throat again. In fact, he is not stylish, clean however, Liem also expect my girls at least "pretty" little more than his company. "Otherwise, later married, were not really told anyone, both located on the garbage heap." It is worries about the future not so bright that Liem told a few close friends.
What Housework?>

as fears of Integrity is not rare. China (27-year-old IT worker) is in an awkward situation when a lover close this year but did not dare to walk home. All because her lover is lazy sub-directory.

the Center, the only forte of the Red, who loved him, that boiling water into the boiling water .... It is armed with vegetables when she did not know what it's vegetables, meat saw not always distinguish be of pork or beef, eggs, smart, insurance buying mistake to duck eggs ...

So, from love, the only thing that China is eaten by her cooking is half cup cooked pasta, half live, not hot nor cold. Still trying to know this is a rare injury, but he could not digest well.

course, Central sympathize because Hong was spoiled as a child my parents do not know what to try. But this age, coming right as wife and mother, Hong still did not intend to change. Do not know how she was advised to learn Chinese cooking, so every time that Hong beggar then forget or pretend to give reason for worry. But China, he said the total is only an excuse, justify why the change is not lazy she's a sub-directory the rich.

Meanwhile, Chinese parents very carefully calculated and severe. Does the instrument have acceptable child bride even cook instant noodle bowls as well as Hong Kong is not complete?
Living with death Osin ...

Working Women in the district had "Osin" - It is argued by many girls, "the radio" now. According to them, feminists, women must also strive for business, the social earn money. So the natural other officials neglected to do nothing unusual. Moreover, the old woman, the rural young girls today lack the full range. Just 800,000 to 1 million is enough to hire a maid and fast, efficient, worry about their homes are not clean, not sweet rice cultivation. Even many of her contract with lover or future husband: "Wedding done together, determined to hire" Osin "!".

Khac Hieu (Ba Trieu, Hanoi) said: "The house is crowded, bark insists that the rich hire Osin . So dormitory room about 30 square meters, now more of an old woman. There are times when the couple wanted privacy and did not feel comfortable. I complained, the seduction of his wife back in-law, but the life I Dogs suffer under a foot underground ... ".

Also Tuan Quang (28 years old, construction engineers, Hanoi), the fall in dilemma over. Quang elderly parents, computer engineering, not like hired help. But her fiancée again declared: "No lease Osin not married." The situation on the taste, headache Optical computer do not know.

Hay as his case Quoc Huy (Mai, Hanoi), parents also objected to want the maid, the wife he dodge the law "by the day also arrested her mother to Osin house party here a few hours cleaning, meals for the reason that "you work all day should get parents to knit." But Huy and family know her legacy is that lazy, do not want to take prompt limbs.

So from here, never seen forbidden popular daughter cooking dinner or any actions that parents take care of her husband. Is there only just the fingers or "tut" go out with friends . Everything has troubled most consistent Osin. The anger expressed particular, internal family constantly shaky. But Huy, only complained: "The most unfortunate is married to wife lazy."

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