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Day I say I love you

" day he is say I love you I love you "first life"
love between his house as a small and sometimes by winds. His small party to gently whispered love words. Small surprise, but really small for a very special affection for him should be to agree as well ... He is very sweet, small felt like he wanted to transfer the warmth to every small little sad.

"Light held my hand very gently and put on a sweet kiss"
Small set out for his beliefs and always with you towards a better future. Small really love him and praying that this first love is forever.
"Love so amazing Oh how his eyes sparkling like the stars so far of"
love Time passes small love for him strong. Yet because of the stubborn and angry at the small or small should have lost him. Small mistake he should have been angry with him for a long time, also because of the situation of small or how small, so I'm just mad ... In a very small heart grew smaller still feel really stupid and make him think so. Small firm is not fully understood my love for small ....

oh so big and I like little flower buds
light falling on the river
do so to please him "
Little did he disappoint. He passed away a child is sitting there waiting for him, remembering his first love was over ...
"How many days then you know
Football porch waiting longer seated"
The tears fall back on, although a small vent that is crying, that love does not come back. Small has always wished my first love. recalls those days with you ...
"Yearn first love will not
will never fade away"

Last month, a small still crying and sad then realized he was wrong ... Small to know to accept the truth, accept their mistakes gloi duct caused .... Small try to forget the old love and always strives for a better future can not be relatively small at dep.Nhieu What is memorable, but thanks to friends and small have found a new joy. Small but nonetheless still regarded him as a nice fellow, he helped the little more mature ... And for small, this first love remained a small but good memories will remember forever in the hearts

"May May plying
still listen to them alone to fall foliage,"
small now have so much confidence and not stubborn as before. Maybe I'll be happy if that little has changed. Small hearts have always believed that the move towards smaller and smaller, too ... ....
"And faith in me
dream that one day love will come back ..."

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