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Date of love and nostalgia

on November became the day of love and nostalgia, unfurl into distant space, and perhaps because it missed What in Hanoi late fall rain.
I still ride wanders through the streets each inconsolable nostalgia, then stopped at a small restaurant near West Lake, immersed in melodies familiar lyrical poetry of love that last fall felt like I was there with you ...

End sky white clouds flying yellow leaves sparsely

Is it too leaves the Fall forest along

Fall leaves the sea by the current

immense golden Autumn Chrysanthemum
Only you and me
Fall is the old
Only you and me

Still singing and loving the Bao Yen, still loving concern are laid on the last day for the space , shake up in the heart of so much emotion, put in a sunken soul's love for painting filled remembrance ...
I see the time flows in the landscape (the white clouds flying toward late sun, the leaves fall off fall out fall far from dead), in the sense (collected in rivers and streams flow down the vast ocean, the collection is tucked into a daisy, yellow on a seasonal operating loss remembrance) ... All movement, change, "Only you and me is the fall of the old", "just you and me" with questions about self-esteem, experiencing the love of my life: I love
as the trees were still

The storm season is like the river was still on tap

flood rhythm of the song soared up suddenly, like a beliefs, such as an affirmation of a law of love: Walk through the wind storm, flood extraction through hundreds of thousands of life, love would be pretty wonderful, passionate and more meaningful to our hearts More love, mutual respect and sustainability of the faithful ...
There are late autumn afternoon roaming the suburban streets, I still sing or hum this song these questions, then stopped suddenly asked me: " I love data, "was quiet storm season," "peace operation flood season" really is not, I just smiled, stood on my shoulder whispered, "I do not know, I do not know, and perhaps that we do not need to know. By the early storm, the trees will still rise, even though rain is still on the river with the sea. And the "trees", the "river" of ours - even if not peace - the peace will eventually - when the party together, given the very different levels of true love .... "And she whispered
anti-love songs sung with the fall: Time

same as the wind May seasonal seasonal Age

Only go forever you and me
Only also
Together you and I love to stay ...
Yes, "time as the wind" - buy season passes, seasonal year-old embryonic phase, "just you and me" stay welcome a new season titles in the warm loving heart, faithful love season ...
sustainable Behold how new lover
Go through the same pig may
Only you and me
stay the same love
Together you and I love to stay Chorus
"Only you and me, with love in the back" hum throughout all singing, forming an iron wire beliefs son ... And even when the situation there, the "new love" come and go between our life - the default is forever a tall raw fall in love to stay in - autumn that where my heart and I was humming, to reconcile the real true love.
But what is true, is true so, there would remain the same in May, over time each time until late in life ... "love poems" written up, singing in "late fall", also means to end life is still loving the old days, we exchanged the old season ...
And is it reasonable, when the great match between poetry and music Xuan Quynh Phan Huynh Dieu have made a late autumn poetry of passionate love and passionate, inviting the listener through many generations, the wine bank May the same year that the love?

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