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Cry once for the pain of losing his

Perhaps this is the last time you called me a grapefruit! Because today you and I are two strangers. Why, why so? He promised me know how much to finally "break away their children" just because of simplicity. Not old?

I know he won the affection she had that I know how much cherished hopes? E thought I was the happiest, be he loves to protect, is his care. Was asked and asked but no one feels they are safe, a place based only future for his children. But since today I was then losing him. I wait for hope in pain, I would not want to do what he awkward. I fear that someday this will happen, I just want to take my hand and I promise you: "Whatever Whatever I'll marry you" and he nodded in agreement.

He gave me faith and hope 24 days I'm really happy although I know that there are days like today. Love park where perhaps I started I never set foot in the later his lover in there. Memories rushing back I would not stop crying. I have accepted all, even without a ceremony or festival, just his family agreed. Daughter who is also proud heart cried wanted the match to be happy as the husband of the greatest holidays. Because he loves me and my family defied all but the final goodbye came, he could not obey the family.
I understand, and never, never ever you blame you. These days hardly disturbed and bitter suffering to cling to me, I want to give up all, end all. Maybe today I'll give up in spite of fate to where to come. I also wish for him to be happy. Though you still remain far from the days of each other's beauty.

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