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Cry for me!

He was let go i was ready to let go of my hand ... Really have to let go only because he was tired, his feet weighed down, arms were tired, as the days go by that my ball, and now he say to myself that he was ready then ... ready for the job that he thought he would never do what, that is let go and go ...

The sense of loss has made him really pain, he cried, tears acrid and pungent salty stormed up the nose, deep into the end of each vent body muscles, aches and pains, as thousands of thousands of needle nose, but few people understand for me? Let go my hands that will not hold you anymore, that is also lost prop, so he will fall, he looks at me with mercy falls far? Let go of my hand that is no longer a child, a lost child, take away the breath of those days. Will probably die in the so daudang tormented myself. If I die I will cry right? I mean let go out when he turned to the side to find a shoulder, a round hand in the cold this winter, he will only receive the emptiness and the cold air only, children will please you a lemon There rochu?

Let go my hand is let you go, you will leave me, no longer his own, will never get that man a sacred thing called love love me anymore, I'll give them to others right? From now on .... he will learn to tolerate one yourself, nhungnoi pain, those concerns. He will learn his first steps, no prop at all. He will learn to stand on feet, using his own strength. Will take the short distance to be with my motivation, I will not be alone in memories with oil. There will be one day ... I turned and grabbed my hands right? There will be one day ... startled me and I'll chase you? There will be one day ... I realize you can not live without you?

There will be one day ... I understand that you've hurt me? When doem just say to myself that I let my children go out to find the true happiness of his pain and he was so happy when he realized that he was not in place! You know, something which is not to him it would never be his, but he remained obstinate attempt to think that everything will turn yourcomputer all he really that stupid. All gone ... all true then ... all ended like a dream so long so ... It is said every man has a heart is divided into several parts, one part to another part of love and one is to hate, and also because it was so in love, so they hate each other ...

Did you not get the love, people spit hatred dexoa called love? Feeling afraid to hate a person, but because the love that the world is more menacing ... I would hate me? Will hate him? I can not know anymore, he loves the children but, more than anything he loves, but rather "YOU ARE WHAT YOU ALL THERE!

He was afraid that living in a whirl of happiness yesterday. Miss you afraid of the night, wash water snake eyes wake up after nightmares about them. Afraid of pain when he missed harmony with, for each missing is a once hopeless pain to wind itself is being torn long.Hanh subtle. Happiness is a soft green grass beneath someone. How much he'll miss the feeling of holding you in my heart and feel the warmth of you, it made him limp, as he melts in the joy that you are of him, he'll remember every word of love and sweet where you ...

What do you remember? Why give people hope and then deprived? Why the happy people happy then leave it as it may be a perfect time? Why? Why? why is this so? Please answer me away! Well said well said forever never know what the answer ... but at least now he has the courage to face yourself then. Step back and look at me face to the sky for the tears flow to the heart nhé em ...

I were lovers. Walk a while together, these seemed to be eternal and nothing can divide duoc.the that ... Promises just as the wind blowin '... The only words of love are the only reason vang.Tat memories, sadness and anger and how it is separation.

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