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Conquering the birthday guy

Ever wish you a magic key to open the secret door of the heart guy or not? If you still hesitate or doubt, the astrologers will help you open the door through the zodiac of guy.
Aries (21 / 3 - 20 / 4)

He will approval of her lines with confidence sexy, shine at the party. Aries man love your humor so please tell a joke or a comedy about your favorite ... young hearts. He is also the "Idiot" by a girl says playfully. If you are proactive approach, he will tell that you really attractive. However, do not be too active, because the girl he likes strong personality, but also must be feminine.
Taurus (21 / 4 - 20 / 5)
girls will be tough loyal guy favor. Therefore, let him show you his supporters stood by him in the side of the debate. The son is also prone to "Mesmerized" by eye, so when talking to them, you should speak with your eyes too lightly.
jealous type who also Gil. Do not be a guy's flirting with you if you do not want to break his chances. Show your guy that you only own men only.
Gemini (21 / 5 - 20 / 6)
twin girls who are smart to know horseplay and no less of his wit him. He likes to be teased, even ridiculed, or a bit as well. Also hesitate any longer, let the impression of your mouth pretty go. Be chatting and making him feel always updated with the latest information. But guys who want to impress your friends who love both looks and head so you do not have them lean slightly.
Cancers (21 / 6 - 20 / 7)
He will first alluring to her love, humility. Sons Cancers romantic love your girlfriend sweet and gentle. He will be attracted to the fragrance of incense trees and sexy costumes. If you write poetry, please show him then, he will realize you have a soul in tune with yourself. To win young hearts, please donate a handmade Valentine card, or call our knight by asking him to help anything.
Lions (21 / 7 - 20 / 8)
The softening Leo in front of a girl attention confident smile. He likes people form strong, happy, ready to share with him the highlights. Look straight in the eyes and gave a confident smile on the guy to pay attention to you. Lions were attracted by her long hair and revealing outfits curve. He always wanted to join the fun, so let him see you in the poetic truth, such as counting on your adventure.
Virgo (21 / 8 - 20 / 9)
He was attracted by a cool girl , said talk, speak out his thoughts. He likes his girlfriend dressed in classic style. Let's attention not by choice of the majority opinion, whether it is the debate in class or society, you just have enough arguments to substantiate his views. Virgo allergic to her immature, so be careful with the trio spokesman insensitive.
Libra (21 / 9 - 20/10)
Libra is the object of the girls have elegant beauty. He will be attracted by a girl who seems to radiate confidence from within. He did not like the colorful patterns in noisy parties, so if you are so, she should "tone down" a bit down. You should choose a costume classic style instead of trendy looks. He was attracted by her capable of organizing an event takes place smoothly, rather than the attention at parties. Libra likes girls active, so do not hesitate to tease him slightly.
Scorpio (21/10 - 20/11)
He liked her mysteries, how joke. Scorpio is intense, so it was first attracted girls deep underground. To reach the eyes, let your poetry or author inadvertently reveals the secret surprise. Scorpio is interested in jokes and charm, so do not hesitate to see you guys are interested. He looks like prove his masculinity, so he commended body, Scorpio will definitely alluring to consider.
Sagittarius (21/11 - 20/12)
She loves freedom will conquer but easy is the subject of Sagittarius. He liked to pursue, so if you are invited to play or expressed feelings, Sagittarius would soon retreat. To brief him, you have to pretend there were not nice to talk to him. Then he will want to share the joy with you. Sagittarius will be getting away if you feel too stuffy, so you should let him have more time at home with friends. He will be courting the other girls there, but if you accept it (and joked with other boys), The code will come back to you only.
Capricorn (21 / 12 - 20 / 1)
brave, confident appearance Capricorns will alluring. He likes the girls not afraid to strut their stuff in sexy tight clothes. But he is a traditional form, so she likes to stir the stay away. Perfect girl's dress is a sexy guy, but to talk to true. He approved of her understanding of her own opinion is protected, so do not insist on your own, but when two people argue.
Aquarius (21 / 1 - 20 / 2)
x-small;"> A bilingual (21 / 2 - 20 / 3)
She trendy party dress will stand But the list of fishing. Dreamy romantic guy, love the character she has opposed. Attention to him, let's focus on fashion and do not hesitate to make yourself look like a rock star.

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