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Christmas stories

My daughter lives in My 6 year, in a remote area at the Vietnamese. I answer the phone when asked what you like on Christmas this startled me: "I just like reading the newspaper PN, if the father sent for me at the old newspaper ...".
story may sound simple but not easy, at least to me. Long that I do not buy newspapers. Christmas is only days. Busy work and family budgets do not allow me to "play goose" editorial style to buy a stack of old newspapers and the post office sent packing than rates reported many times that price.

I sent an e-mail to the editor, presented by its desire for a slim hope. Who would then ask for some silly thing like that! Yet the next day, I get mail replied, "He said the address of the child. 10 I'll give you the latest, always donate to the American charges. Also from the U.S. to return home, he follows her, not so much that he must be afraid. You can even on Christmas Day you will receive notice in the mail before the ...".

Oh, it's a miracle! I'm glad to think of a cold morning outside white snow, looking stunned and glow of my daughter when she received the scented paper also imbued with Vietnam and emotional warmth from home to send. Maybe I'll feel as I'm touched.

I remember the old days, only his father burned back, work on paper I bought for her grandson, the newspaper PN TT also, when you great start. Then the days away from home, alone to cope with many lonely and hard, she would recall the pleasant times in Vietnam, including newspapers published pictures or bought for my daughter to read . All like a little fairy tale modern times that many people join hands to build, including the heart of the person in charge of the issue that I never knew.

I remember the story kind of Christmas I've ever read, heard, but this is a true story happened to me. Thank you life, where still a lot of heart!

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