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Christmas season to send me mail ...

A Christmas season coming again on the city. Along the way, now taught street lights beautiful stars. Suddenly cold weather will make our people also bring immense, filled with emotion. Christmas this year will only have a single child alone.

This is his first Christmas away from home. Dear, I would send thousands of thanks to him. I wanted to say many, many words of kindness, concern and comfort for him, knowing that he has always understood that. And I also want that because he suffered much more than nostalgia da bear was gnawing my heart away every day, every hour.
How can I know if I was going to take this limit. I never intend to expand our hearts once again. My heart was really broken after first love. But then he went. He has come to me softly, without notice, but I have met so natural. He has for you both a shoulder to lean firmly on each collapsed exhausted.
Why does the world exist people who were born just for each other? How two strangers can understand each other, care about each other and in tune with the spiritual life?

Ask yourself this, I feel love is a thing wonderful feeling to great. He always knew what I was thinking, he understands me better than I understand myself to him. Therefore, you will always need his protection, comfort.
Otherwise, I'll be strong for his rear, the house is happy to return whenever he got tired. I will be his joy, his life is that every search. I know I do not feel too confident after that. Cause you know I love you so much!

Remember me, I crave being around, but every day I can only see each other via e-mail, blogs, over the phone. How these things can satisfy that my heart is empty? There are times, he seemed about nostalgia made me depressed and want to pour down. Because every action he makes little of your attention. Today you do, he went to the head, how he feels, all I want to know. Anxiously awaiting his return messages.
Hope he anxiously each gift donated. If you can not bear a date not heard anything about him, not talk to him. I just hope the blood of so near and you'll never far from my way again, knowing it was impossible. The not being able to communicate with you, I do not know what to do with the chaotic tangle of thoughts in the quiet place myself, just whisper your name I know until they go to sleep.

I love, in places far from his mind wellness. And I will always try and engage his mind about waiting ... Separation does not make you forget him and each other, which only makes us more and more attached.


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