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A Christmas gift to our people lemon

HONG KONG (HKG) ... Miu Chi-ho knew I could not live any more to celebrate Christmas, they quickly told me that you agree to this constitutional body to science, to those who need a live human body, a few days Later, the boy stopped breathing Miu Chi-ho. Events occurred in the life of a 13-year-old boy may have to circle back many emotions. I was a bus accident at school and died of brain injuries a few days ago.

Hong Kong Doctors rush to surgery promptly rescued the corpse's heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, skin, bone, and corneas from a healthy people during his life, without any disease.

HongKong hospital spokesman said that "there are least seven people will need to present to the bodies of the boy Miu Chi-ho, this" mother

41 Miu's age, a widowed woman said with tears procrastination son had put her away forever remain her own, even though she was despite many people stop her about the donation for child health school, she said that her son will bring much hope and happiness to many families, she thought.

"My son is very brave. Although it did leave me then ... I still can hear it breathing, hear the heartbeat of it, it has become angels then "

Not first round 13 years old can be considered adult eyes open yet, but Miu have made many people decide to miss. According to the Hong Kong Health officials say there is rarely the case so the donation occurred, this is a donation to be much more Nhut.
According to Chinese tradition, after death, the body must be seen as this whole new look dead salvation, and can collect thousands sleep.
Therefore, many people expressed could not agree more, but doctors chairman Choi Kin Hong Kong medical praise and say, "Miu is a brave boy," Master of Miu
saying 'This is a meaningful Christmas gift Nhut, make lemon hearts "

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