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Christmas fun for me, please!

"I will never forget her first child," said the old man with a dog, tears streaming down cheeks were burnt, "I am old, you do not care anymore." Tiffy looked at the head tilt, barking bears bears. Its tail waved thinking: "He said what all that?". "I do not care for myself anymore, let alone a worry for you." The old man cleared his throat and then drawing out a handkerchief blowing your nose real hard.

"I'm going to live should no nursing home can not provide you the same. I knew and know, in that it contains not only contain the dog," the old man, bent by age crystal plate work to the Tiffy, stroking it: "Do not worry, dear. We will find a new family. We will find a new home for me." Rest for a moment, he added: "The beauty of this world, how could not find a new family for children. Everyone should feel proud if there was a dog as beautiful as you."

Tiffy waved joyfully tangled tail, run to run back in the kitchen. In a moment, the familiar smell of man mingled with the smell of grease in the kitchen giving it a warm feeling. But then again the feeling of fear with it. It stands still as if it was planted, the tail hanging down between the hind legs.

"Come." Struggling to bend his knee is a new tool to the ground and drag Tiffy close, full of tenderness. Tied around his neck ribbon yarn dog fitted with a big red bow on it and the clip a small piece of paper. Tiffy questions in mind: "Do not know what the boss says that?".

"On the piece of paper with writing like this," he read aloud tool, "Merry Christmas! I named Tiffy. In the morning I prefer the rice to cool. At night I like to nibble a little bone. Just as well. I only ate two meals a day. In return, I will be the most faithful friend of your family position ".

" Bears, bears. " Tiffy feel confused, her eyes beseeching look, "What is happening?".

Man blowing your nose back up in a handkerchief. He then rails on a chair to standing up. He set the button jacket, grabbed the dog lead wires and said softly: "Come, my friend." He opened the door, a cold wind blowing into the spill, then he walked out, pulling the dog behind the step. Sunsets are let down. Tiffy over again. It would not move.

"Come on, do not make him hard, dear. I promise you that I will be happy when staying with us."

Also quiet street. Wrong man and his dog to back down in the winter afternoons. Snow began to fall.

Take a long time before they come to an old house, around the house has many large trees are swaying in the wind whispering. Run in the cold, they observed the house. Dim light, such as extra decorations for the windows, the wind echoes echoes the sound of a Christmas song.

"This will be a good home for me," he choked tools words. He bent down and open the lines for the dog, gently opened the door to not shrieked. "Go away. Then he climbed the steps foot on the door."

Tiffy afraid to look at houses and then turned back toward home, then look for the house. It does not understand anything, "Teddy bears."

"Any". The old man pushed the dog and said, dry voice: "I no longer useful to you. Go away."

Tiffy feel vulnerable. It is thought that the owner no longer trade it. It does not understand that he really loves it but he can not afford it anymore. Dogs had staggered towards the house and climbed the steps. It put a foot up to the door and barks, "Bears, bears. Bear, bear."

It looked back, saw all nestled in behind a tree. Just as someone in the house turning doorknobs. A little boy appears, warm light shining from houses around the boy standing at the entrance. Just saw Tiffy, highland boy two hands to the sky and shouted happily: "Dad, Mom, come out this Santa's Gift."

Hiding behind a tree, dies tears in her eyes, the man saw the boy's mother read the note. She gently pulled into the house Tiffi. Contented smile, the man put up sleeves cold and damp wipe your eyes, then he disappeared into the night, whispering: "Merry Christmas slightly."

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