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The child's trash

thu fine not submitted em
"I see you know what?"
"What?": I asked
'I see you like a trash! '
I'm really shocked and surprised to hear they see themselves as such, why many beautiful things in this world do not for me but for my children a trash can but! Sad truth !...

"Visit many beautiful things in this world why not for you? But something back for the new king has only heard it!: "I asked you.
" So because you are but what is the recycle bin, every time something sad or unhappy, then just throw it all into you, it will vanish before! " I like to go numb in seconds, pity not speak a word of nao.Thi out his thoughts with me that? I can bring you joy so? Even myself I can not even make fun, then why has that ability.

You make me feel happy and feel proud of such minh.Su von soul of course you make me so happy laughter of children as well as I feel joy and happiness phuc.Nhung I still feel a little truth mixed with bitter happiness is a pain not speak a word! Why not be the person I love? Why is the senseless trash? The many questions ... but only half an answer: they had belonged to Tim khac.Con me forever and forever is the dustbin of you!

I met you by chance, happen to like my way for von for me. I started to look through my poetry I write, the texts are filled with the sadness of my concerns. I thought, why on earth has the girl had sex, sentimental and faithful to that . In the poem you like a sun, a sun loving, and a sky filled with tears as I'm sure thuong.Nguoi pain in this world is also always some sun ai.Ong unfair it? who loves sincerely, only to meet all is false ... how depressed.

Despite the attention to her but I dare not familiar, read the article waiting for me that verse came a day doc.Bat Who named it appears in my chat nick, and I know it is you because I believe it was greeted em.Sau social questions, day after day we seem to close better, they tell stories about My children still talk about my friends told me than.em:
"now I just see you as a friend only"
I say:
"Um, the buddy ...!
But I do know that the word "um" was even a hope of heaven toi.Mot left but remember, each day talking to my contacts seem to be nurtured by sympathetic em.NHung me for I will never speak out because I know where his place in you ... A "Garbage."

I love your story to me , that you have to love a person and has devoted his do.Nguoi also said to love you, but through the testimonies of the people that I talk about love but accidentally gesture actions, and words hieu.Noi seems difficult to make love but to love his sad, crying always impose their thinking on others. I just know orange clean and comfort myself that:
"Love's that person a little bit unusual that my friend! "

I heard that as the heart contractions, a good girl, a beautiful flower why do not people appreciate fibrillation.

It is not always appreciate what you have but to dream of something far away then regret losing lam.Khi said, "If only back then ..." The child was sad I always try to make me happy, and I had managed to always make me cuoi.Em said:
"In the hok to think you own anything, just really happy to know that smile, Thanks your home trash "
I hear that happy to see you smile sao.Toi want every day, but I like to see you cry when you are khoc.Vi me so I can share comfort and solace em.Toi know that behind the laughter is a pain in my sky, the extreme pain I was the very edge ben.Neu baby I'll bring you flowers every day and tell you I love you " Such a thousand times, will never make you cry or sad, will be like, forever like that! But unfortunately I'm not that person, not the person you love is like ... forever!. How many times have I suggest you forget and try to talk up his love for children, said:
"As currently do not I happier than you, because I want anyone to hok up his suffering half" !
Maybe you just love but a second to take a lifetime to forget someone do.Em too, I can not accept my feelings because I always have tinm silhouette of the person and you Can not forget duoc.Toi always know and understand.

I always do not tear yourself to meet them earlier and earlier, now you're not sick, I is not bad dang.Nhung think again when I feel happy because it was destiny for me to see you while you need to do is trash nhat.Toi of you, throw in that sorrow, pain and concerns, please smile on me! For he is always with me, although whatever happens does the royal scene, anything he has always been the Trash when you're can.Anh will go quietly when it is time that you do not need "the Garbage" This will nua.Anh buried forever in the hearts, will never say anymore ... I love you.

By angellove_nhb

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