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Capture opportunities

Beautiful, educated, confident ... are factors for you to become the perfect woman. However, you still leave alone. What makes you difficult to find a date?
Many women long to close achievement on the path of love. Sometimes, they met some men that they like. But the end result was, the man eventually withdrew again. And pity the woman concluded that they are not predestined.

So, who are the ones to miss the opportunity of the "predestined" is not there? Please refer to the following situations to determine what condition they are in and how to identify opportunities to catch it.

Around you are not missing the fun bachelor properties

Many women work environment is very convenient, but still not meet the "idiot" of his. NLTY, 32, deputy business Huangshi construction company, An Phu, District 2, HCM City, said: "I have tried dating a few single guy in the company. The compiled, through one or two times to go out, I realized they are the only son in the shell man. That is not really dating. Because I do not feel anything romantic and sweet when they go next. Finally, I had no expectations on what the men of the companies again. "

According to psychologists, men are more receptive to women they knew for a long, especially female colleagues. You work with him every day, that style of dress, how to treat friends .... of him. However, you should not be dating this guy voiucac only by the thought: "Try to see why. He also looks pitiful! "

Solution: Men often attaches great importance to me. They are afraid to date a woman who knows every foot of his motor, accident. And they will feel pride when women seem to show contempt and grace. Therefore, all the things you can do is be confident. If you feel the boredom started dating, you should add a little spice in time. Just a touch eyes, the pursed lips, smile your dexterity cugn can create "sparks" the source of love.

Nguyen Thi Quynh Giang, 29, chief accountant of a company specialized in distribution of air conditioning on Vo Thi Sau, District 3, shared, "By now I am still single, but not so dull. I had spent six relationships. The first guy is sweet, spoiled me. But then he came on as soon as I do something that offended him. Another person, before coming to me over the road with dozens of girls. Still others do not like a baby or career ready to choose instead the family ... In short, I have yet to find "Mr. Perfect "her.

Quynh Giang mistake inadvertently made yourself a list of likes and dislikes in men. Therefore, to find out, she has given that list to "measure" their guys and can not find the person in the dream.

Solution: People who are not perfect . Initially, you should temporarily accept some of his bad habits. After some time to learn, you can discover the advantages of him. From there, you will consider whether to continue or not.

Do not be too confident or proud of yourself first object

Some women were very confident. This is also the advantage of their weaknesses. Women after the first meeting was called to active talking and creating opportunities for a date next time.

However, men prefer their funds to become active appointment and dated like the feeling of conquest. They do not want to be put in the passive. Therefore, many women have failed because too confident.

Solution: Do not call, messaging, email him back after the first meeting. If you feel he is the man you are looking for, please be patient waiting, the result was perfect.

In case you've been waiting for some time but no response should the new call or message to say hello and thank him for meeting interesting before.

If he did not even show what the attitude or impression with you, forget yourself and find new opportunities.

Tuyet Trinh, 30, deputy director Huynh Chau Congty Ltd, said: "When you start to learn new, I have set a target that will present themselves as a perfect woman. My collection of delicious restaurants, luxurious, trendy cinemas ... When we met, we often talk about work, family ...

However, the gradual dating Tan became bland and try to avoid me. I have repeatedly asked him to call that place my imperfections, that I need to know the point was to change. But he said everything is normal. Just as he was busy, my schedule will meet again at another time. I waited for him for over a month and then "

Solution: Women are asked to remember your loved liberty and he did so. Do you have hobbies and he too. Therefore, do not put him on the plan that you've programmed. Before dating, think of a place and asked where he liked. Eventually, both will jointly decide where to go and what to do.

Also, if during the meeting, the two of you just talking about work is too boring. Dates of the meeting was "moderate" what happened back in the day. Why did not you ask him what movies, what have heard the CD, anyone who has read the book .. . The normal though, but it will make your dating session much more interesting. cso you can understand him more, and "grab" the guy easily.

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