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Can not forget him ...

Bich Diep ...

I was a thousand times you call me sobbing in pain, you can tear the heart , do not know which remote you do not miss ?.....

Ye Ye you ... you, I do not remember is how many letters I wrote something for me anymore but since he has split this habit, but she does not receive his letter e is not it?
Have you ever accidentally visit this letter as you? Now this is the only place you dare call me from the depths of my heart.
I know? Apart from his day he did not live in that way out in front, he wound it a sharp knife to it each time it accidentally touched it to his whole body aches ... could not be forced to He too loved her but because of his family, because he is the youngest of the family to follow him, he knew he was rotten coward for not daring to fight the same for both of us. I know you hurt like me because we still have not love me.
Ye love of his children, saying this he said to me and I will forever tell you whether we We will now never belong together anymore, sorry can not help yourself back together again is not it me?
Now he still live in nostalgia, infinite grief, pain to level nothing more painful, so love to be unfairly harsh so I hustle?
There were times I tell you that Love is a strict rule and today he found it true for both we are the same steps on the rules that ....
Ye U!
Each day I will write you, write up my thoughts in the past 6 years, I've lost another six years ....
But no matter how well I still love you, love you forever is the best of him ....

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