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Campaign snare guy

A light touch accidentally, a passionate eye and say sweet things you laid out a trap to lure him into it. The following tactics will make any guy to have to reel.
"drop bait" body language
At a bar or at the cafeteria, use your tongue to lick the soft foam beer or licking your lips when you feel the smell of coffee. Cuteness that will appeal to him.
Look around a guy who turns from head to toe. Romantic guy smile to know that you are attractive.

To smell the scent he was stroked your hair or smooth hair by hair and let it drop accidentally touching the guy.
crossed legs and feet slowly move in circles. Sometimes the eyes will be focused in that movement. This seems to stimulate his curiosity.
If he hands the opportunity to take advantage of the cage your finger on his hand. Keeping that connection about 2 seconds and then spent.
To reveal teeth through cheery smile. Staring him in 3 seconds and then sweep your eyes, look away and leave bewildered eyes as a baby rabbit.
If sitting near him in a bar should be one hand on the other knee chin. This aimed to signal that he knew you pretty comfortable with him. In this position he will be handy to invite you to a dance.
When speaking, please keep a distance from his face. Head tilted a little while to whisper to him.
Touching on the shoulder and he sighed softly. He is difficult to resist this sexy action brought by you feel sheltered in his other.
Walking slowly, based on the guy's chin on the shoulder and laughed. This action makes him hot enough reel.
At a coffee shop, use your fingers to nibble cake.
While talking, touching hands on his knees and the guy's arm.
"trap" Daily
When he went through, please stop and say:" You smell nice. "
Sitting side and asked: "A conversation with me will be very interesting?".
At a grocery store, ask for help when he took it too high.
concentrate his attention on your body. Slender shoulders, a small waist and a beautiful tattoo that he could not look away.
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Remove copy Kama Sutra book and asked: "Will you the same interest as me? ".
Praise him: "You look like athletes. He played sports, so what? ".
During dinner party, standing near where one can clearly see him. Go to and say: "Finally, I also met my expectations of people today."
At clothing stores, please tell that guy to buy the shirt will make his images become new.
Give suggestion: You want to buy a drink for two people something in return he would ask you out.
To fingers sliding down the arm on the neck he wore watches.

Pull him close
With hands to adjust your collar guy.
When in the elevator, so close to him and place his hands on his back. The collision that proves you are to him.
Ask whether he found the room temperature too hot or not. Then hand him over to the neck and cheek.
find a reason to express their joy by hugged him like winning the lottery, just get a raise or a new thought in mind new ideas.
Wearing a sexy outfit than usual and said: "Today I look like this is for you."

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