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Calendar of Love

The one thing people might not notice, that's when the bed should also polite. If the women complained to their husbands in bed so rude, that's not a problem, but if a complaint is history, then that matter.
On the bed of the stories also rule on the bed, otherwise the problem will become more serious. Courtesy rules are:

1. Body clean and healthy

Keep your body is a breeze scent before bed time. You should ask your partner to see if he likes my scent? If people do not like then shower to remove the scent was replaced with another scent. Even though they do not do sex but your body must always make people feel excited, happy.

Yes men say they fear most is the winter the woman next to the cold. This shows that man is not the air conditioning cold winter hot summer, they are also very weak.

If your body with wounds that will need to have a break . But do not do it accidentally touched the wound pain makes you cry, everything will turn into smoke. Sometimes harm the health of the enemy is.

2. Dress must be courteous

Everyone very seriously nightwear. Therefore, clothing should be based on the principle of making people happy is key. Did you know that many again as discreet charm and sometimes nudity is also attractive.

3. Always maintain the movement

The agile, gentle movements are always people interested in life, not in bed. If on the bed, calling your bones themselves that Iraq is no fun at all. Erotic always associated with youth. So always mean good with your life.

On the bed you need to rekindle the spirit. Do not wait for it lies dormant, sometimes also need to show the gentle movements, gentle to work with people.

4. People do not lose focus on the most polite

Two people need to give each hen what best. It is the foundation of love and desire perfection. In bed if you can not focus on the spirit and strength you need to talk to people we know. Such as: "I fear we have lost the pot cultivation under" or "Will I have run into his room, she said. Your first problem is better than silence.

5. Not end in the middle

Unless special reasons, otherwise you can not finish middle sex. The reasons are not particularly attached to the cause as: Get the phone, suddenly thought of the opponent's former lover, fear of sleeping expensive dress torn, and want to stop to take it off ... You can do things but must be replaced with another way to not affect the sex of the couple, sometimes also help the air fresh.

Why are you afraid to say that the bed skirt was crumpled. You can lie to the enemy that you want people to see a more beautiful clothes, but your well being.

6. Do not give the words as he is real

If he says so that you will pick the next day you do not start picking it back to yourself. You do not have petty woman like that, you many opportunities to his promise of that.

You need to understand that sentence at the dose of stimulation was love. When he heard these words you do not have the sense to concentrate and memorize it in your head. Please apply those words to him in the event that his spirit was fun, more excitement. Know that is not polite to keep repeating the sentence in which they said while having sex.

7. The same bed for a while

After that, 'you must turn off the lights, bed bath and then, right? That is fun, warm. So you should not rush to finish the work itself and then turns sleeping, so will make the enemy penguin inspired. Like you come home you play, just out the door, people slammed a door, make sure you will be very uncomfortable. So if two people do not embrace the same bed, it also should be back together there is also a way to express intimacy.

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