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By the way, and 'post-exercise' of him

According to legend, the Chinese art horoscope 12 animal and the order founded by Buddha. Accordingly, the nature of man is revealed in part based on their birth. The difference in character between the people of the same age by five factors by Kim, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn. Want to know a little about the character and "post" with the guy?
Rat: Smart, smart-spoken

Boy Rat insightful, funny, sensitive and polite. This is why he's easy to become friendly with everyone. However, the downside is he has a selfish interest, or calculation. Advantages are always a welcome addition of new knowledge and ready to fight the challenge.

Ideal: Thin, Body or Buffalo.

Love: A smile is the "ultimate weapon" of him. His problem is not the making love, but in recognizing the "half" his true.

Work: Careful, that perception, he will be a good management. Work with "gu": Broadcaster, actor, such as consulting, lawyers, designers, management ...

Likes: Volleyball, billiards, drawing .. .

Hate: Being tied, repeating what a boring way.

Ox : assertive, reliable . Model strictly, cautiously. He tends to conservative dogma, like to do what is best for her.

Your ideal match: Rat, Tips, Dau

In love : He is strong, kind, caring, trustworthy. He is very "picky" when choosing a mate (who guarded it!).

Work: Working with the system, always trying to achieve. Suitable job: painter, engineer, architect ...

favorite: The firm, was fond of tradition, natural family living.

Hate: The feeling of insecurity.

Tiger: Hidden power

guy's voice is a powerful, makes people listen follow. Most passionate desire is to pursue and take ownership of the flag. He always stood on the ground, None and never knew his next action would be. In some situations, the guy's reaction is quite negative because of the stress and pressure.

Ideal: Dog, Horse, Pig.

Love: Nature, that guy with all the pressure of the opposite sex. He really needs you can understand my passion and the same stand.

Work: It looks like the old boss gradually born to do. He knows the power and influence. Suitable work: Management, actors, musicians, pilots, writers ...

Likes: Travel, sports thrill ...

Dislikes: Getting people misjudging the capacity. Particularly disliked the number to the woman.

Dragon Age : generous, brave:

Its appeal lies in man's power and strength. He knows what you want and be done. He was endowed with the ability to persuade others and always the center of all attention. The advantage is his honesty, generosity, compassionate and courageous.

Your ideal match: Rat, Body.

In love: he does not accept failure as an unbearable weight down. He asked fiercely, but do not want to lose freedom. That is the biggest contradiction.

Work: Ability to adapt and fit in many fields, especially when standing in leadership positions. Suitable job: Specialist Study, lawyers, analysts psychology, copywrite ...

Likes: Exploring new things, mysterious.

hate: Those who are not upright.

Age Cats: subtle, rich in love.

This is a form of mystery, sensitivity cold, crystal, careful spending. He lives along, not like the debate, though small, and always avoid conflict.

Old cat He liked the fun in their own family and do everything possible to their home became the "paradise," the most. Missing friends and family, so he could collapse.

Your ideal match: Tiger, Dragon, Body.

Love: He seems shy and rather nonchalant, but inside is a sensitive soul and overflowing with love. Nature makes him want to hide or become firm fulcrum for the lovers.

Work: Good communication is the success factor. He was with the leadership role. Work on "gu": Doctors, writers, teachers, musicians, stylists ...

Likes: Meeting friends. Love music, good wine, the arts.

Hates: Having to change the order in his life.

Snake : allure, introverted

favorite living between friends but also of inner nature, which is characteristic of this guy. He used to have good luck in finance, money is always wonky and not worry about dinner jacket.

This is the type who always carefully before starting anything. You will be tempted by this smart, insightful guy's Snake. He was gentle man and rich altruism.

Your ideal match: Ox, Dragon, Cat, Rooster.

Love: He does not choose mates on the materialistic values ​​that need a girl to understand how to behave a little "monsters" and reached its peak of spiritual harmony. Jealous guy and want to own one you love. However, this is still the ideal form of love.

Work: He is very hardworking, intelligent, high perceived ability. He usually bored so quick to change jobs xoanh xoach. Suitable job: "Scientific research analyst (market psychology), painter, magician, designer ...

favorite: astrology, painting , the long travel and take pictures.

Dislikes: Others interrupted while talking, despite being challenged in any way and failed to notice.

Goat : Creativity, like freedom

creative ability and ideas of the sublime is a bright spot this guy. He needs more time "closing the" to foster the growth of his position. He was pleasant, a refuge in time, love for peace, sometimes quite weak. It is important to him is to live in freedom itself.

Your ideal match: Tiger, Horse, Body, Thin.

Love: He loves her romantic girl and needs a partner he can continue to add pollution and global news. In the case of betrayal, can not predict he would react violently to what extent.

Emotional story of men not very smooth. He needs to be loved so much and need a guarantee of their love. When a relationship breaks down, he tends to collect people into their shells.

Work: He's ready for leadership positions, if necessary, but prefer to work than in a group. Occupation true forte: the editor, actors, musicians, historians ...

Likes: Reading books, watching movies, swimming, partying atmosphere, the romance.

Hate: The feeling you get separated from their families and friends. Do not like conflict.

Horse : generous, friendly

Do not be surprised if he likes wander, as it is a part of his personality. He is a man trustworthy, friendly, open and generous. However, he had a weakness is not like visionary, just follow the desires of its present.

Your ideal match: Dog, Tiger, Goat.

Love: He is a very rich emotional and appreciate love. However, this is double-edged sword because that guy prone to fall into the trap situation.

Work: He's willing to taste all the flavors of life, are very interested in the job for contact with many people. Career match: foreign language teacher, journalist, translator ...

Likes: Camping, adventure games, long trips, filming, exploring ...

Dislikes: Being the other "forgotten", lives depend.

Age Body : funny, good listener

"Happiness comes with luck", perhaps this would be a very suitable motto for the guy. He was funny, energetic, extremely sharp mind. One of the advantages cute is to listen and resolve complex situations. The popular curiosity makes him knowledge gleaned in all areas. Sometimes in trouble because of the joke or four.

your life ideal: Rat, Ox, Goat, Snake.

In love: This is a very interesting person, he is easily fascinated by the girls full of humor like me.

Work: Capital agile, he's done with only half the time other people need. In accordance with the following fields: Banking, cinema, aviation ...

Likes: Reading, playing instruments ..

Dislikes: Must sit still, was "immersed" in the crowd.

Rooster : Frankly, optimistic

Conservative, which is the first impression about the old guy chicken. observation skills are strengths of the guy. It's hard to "over face, "he something. He is optimistic, most likely rich and cutter are keen to learn. He was never afraid to speak the truth and always protect their views. Sometimes a little pressure he others put on their thinking. this guy good financial management, able to steer his life.

your ideal match: Ox, Snake, Rat

Love: He is very shy about my feelings and pretty much expect the enemy. He was very necessary, "a half" real, people can understand and accept their conservative. When you meet the right person, he will be loved, faithful husband, reliable, Unmatched. This is the type who can do anything for someone you love.

Work: dynamic, diverse ideas, plus a more ambitious, these factors led him to reach the pinnacle of his career. Ideal for the fields of music, art, banking, cinema , ad ...

favorite: A real life comfortable and relaxed.

Hate: The false, mocking the game. I could not live near the the staid, boring.

Age Pig : polite, emotional

The sweetest thing you find in boys this. "He always believed in the value of human good. He is very smart, funny, patient, good care and help others.

your ideal match: Tiger , Goat, Dog.

Love: He is in danger of becoming a great partner because it knows how to love, gallantry.

Work: Dislike to the leaders but will promote their discretion if they are made. suitable job: Doctor, hotel management, interior design and entertainment programs ...

favorite: The delicious food, air partying, watching movies ...

Hate: The fighting, the destitute and confined.

: noble, faithful

This is a very loyal person but rarely trust people, have feelings of insecurity when forced to believe someone. He was resolute, energetic, High endurance. You need a friend to listen and share? ready to lend his shoulder. He likes to bring joy to people, help them dispel sorrow.'s weakness when he is problem, usually easy to get angry, do not hold the necessary calm.

your ideal match: Tips, Snake, Dog and Rat.

Love: This is the form man is faithful, sincere and reliable partner, and you can share all ups and downs in life partner. However, to blend in, you also have to be like freedom flying dance like him.

Work: He likes to acquire new skills, work hard and spend very reasonable, appropriate for the job: writing, teaching, counseling , photography, painting, advertising ...

Likes: Reading books, movies, cooking, dancing, adventure games, adventure.

Hate: Do other people hurt, the injustice.

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