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But still happy to betray her husband

first time in my life after much contrition quiet parts with small family happy, I felt my heart beating rhythm wrong. I have pain just happy, just longing just disappointed ...


I am a sub married women. My husband is a very good man, you love and worry for his wife and children. Economically I have nothing to complain. Thought my life gave me so much luck and happiness, so that there are unexpected happened, something I never dared to think, and more sadly, all by me ...

Ever, I always live in the wrap of material and spirit of the husband with the comfort and satisfaction. I know, things that I have the thirst of countless other women. But then, hung well bored at home, I went for a job gentlest. With such meager wages enough I started shopping, but it also gives me confidence is a joy in life. Work, I discover that I had missed long time at home pointless. And also from this work, I met a man ...

first time in his life after contrition alone unit with happy little family, I felt my heart beating rhythm wrong . I have pain just happy, just longing just disappointed. I repeatedly reviled his own, repeatedly trying to forget him, then more and more I remember many more.

Sometimes I feel love him for me, sometimes only to find themselves mistaken self-pleasure and pain and suffering alone. One thing I know for sure that I had very deep feelings for him, though never once speak or exceeded. Now, every thought, every worry is always for him.

I can not and dare not break the family calm, but her happiness did not want to leave more him. Whether that future is with him so that I can not hook on to something very fragile, illusory or, to bad dreams are only dreams.

Now I wanted to share love, share with him by economic he was off work due to busy high school. Found him lacking, I can help but do not know how to help, what status. I really hurt too! I always knew I had betrayed my family, I can not do, the only thing I still can not stop thinking and worrying about him.

I confided my writing up here, sure will be many critics, but I'm really stuck and suffering heart too! Please give me some advice

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