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A boyfriend for 30 days

Every think you're useless to search forever stand as a piece of love juice? Grab marker scheduled start today, and within 30 days you will find a guy, just one day follow the instructions below.

Let start the ball rolling by sending an email to all your friends: "Hello, little Bo, I want a boyfriend. If you happen to know any single guys, good habits, just to remember me! ".

On Monday

Remember Questions mantra: "There is nothing left to lose." Of course, mood, behavior generosity will help you become a magnet for young men, and if on the way of attention, if something makes you relented, "mantra" will help you bounced back mentally.

On Tuesday

improve your appearance go. Head tilted slightly to the side a little, slightly bent down, looked up through lashes, and now smile. Transmitted signal for the boys meant: "You can reach me there."

On Wednesday

Men He often noticed two girls walking together. So you go to a bar with her friend anymore. If you see a guy you like, leave a little girl, walking around the room. When you touch the eye for the eye, let him see the look your sexiest.

On Thursday

You've domains Assembly language sexy gesture, now expanded and given more than eyes to every cute guy you see.

On Friday

Register boxing class or lifting weights. Remember a little early to be "occupied" space next guy hottest watch class and asked him why he likes this class.

On Saturday

Do not miss the email you send to your friends to invite universities to exchange meeting. Please answer and register to attend.

Eighth day

Instead of sitting home for lunch (unless you've earned a the guy that sits adjacent to the edge), go to the most crowded area near where they live. If you see a cute guy in the coffee shop, trying to catch a glimpse of him slightly.

Ninth day

Join any meeting of any military men and women balance each other, such as athletic club or table tennis. You are not the kind sports? Join the volunteer team to help the poor.

Tenth day

Find back the guy you had a crush on in high school. Send them a note saying you are trying to find common friends, who happened to see their blogs on the web, asking how they break these days.

Day 11

Talk to at least three hot guys. Small talk with a guy in the elevator or handsome waiter will help you practice skills "swinging" with the opposite sex.

Day 12

By now you probably need to answer to the reply letter mail, "find a boyfriend" write your first "campaign." Ask friends put your phone number for cute guy they know.

Day 13

Remember the guy in the class is not boxing? Come back and said: "Hi, I well?" As if two people have been going so long. Research has shown that people often are attracted more by those familiar with them.

Day 14

the park with a friend. If you see handsome guys that walk with his dog, throw a tennis ball for it, friendly puppy will bring the ball back to you. Now that you familiarize yourself with all of it.

Day 15

You have enrolled in a club or charity down? If there is a nice guy, call him (you have the phone number of every member of it?), When asked to a meeting next club, and asked him to go lift.

Day 16

to bar the night before. On weekends you will be lucky enough relative to the guy over.


Try checking your watch his school has Your reply message. If so, please suggest a meeting to update each other's situation.

Day 18

Whether you are going to stand close to a handsome guy is talking with his friends. And if you have the opportunity to contribute something, do not delay.

Day 19

Please open a cocktail party and invite some friends. Do not forget to tell them to bring a new friend. Whether you have not met the person satisfied, this is an opportunity to expand contacts and social acquaintances, who knows of someone they know a cute guy.

On 20

On the way home from work, stop at a place you never been to, for example, coffee shops, and began to chat with a guy .

Day 21

call for those who attended the cocktail party the night before to thank them for coming. This makes new friends, keeping the impression of you, and if they ask you out, give them a chance.

Day 22

For a guy now for colleagues, agreed with him that each person will bring you to add some fun encounters.

Day 23

"Unfortunately," crashed into a sexy guy when you're going to the supermarket. Let my voice softly sorry, the last collision may arise that two people love each other.

Day 24

You are at the end then, so even though the idea here is "scary" how, do not be shy, focusing full energy on a large catch.


attract the attention of a guy with an extremely courageous action: Send him a good food when they're in a restaurant or buy a gift he drinks.

Day 26

to fashion shops for men, picking up a T-shirt and he approached a guy: "Excuse me, you buy a birthday present for his brother. I see how this shirt? ".

Day 27

This time you have a girl" Po Ro "in paragraph talk to your boyfriend. Take a step away from light, for at least a guy your phone number.

Day 28

Challenge yourself to see if dare to put their cards for a strange guy, charming and tell him to call you.

Day 29

Remove any intervention sure to talk to the guy you like, as charming guy to work with such buildings, and exchange email with him.

Day 30

Congratulations! You have overcome themselves and more boldly in contact with the opposite sex. Tonight if you do not have any new appointment is strange. Relax and enjoy a romantic rewards that you had to have thick!

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