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The boy eating ice cream

I went to this small town many times and had no stranger to the scene was enough to beg her face covered lem run out this restaurant to another restaurant for tourists' money. I am not a tourist, I came here to work but not at times uncomfortable for some babies to go for a promiscuous few odd pieces of silver.

Today, as always After leaving the airport, I went to a cafe sipping a few beers before returning to the hotel. Today quite a restaurant but do not see the shadow of what a child beggars. I break legs for a while, then saw two boys dressed pretty sloppy into shops. ? Would certainly make the two children begging but I did not mind because I knew that his owner will chase them out soon. But I was wrong! He waved to the bartender and the children call out:

- What should the two boys?

- Here is a fruit ice cream is not it?

- Of course there is. So you need two types of what?

- had the kind of world is this?

I heard him introduce each of the creams, price, taste and even analyze them to see what kind of people that are preferred. Finally, the two boys chose two glasses of pineapple ice cream, cream the average prices in the shop. They seem very delicious food. Well, as you know, the little beggars like this rarely eat something that is normal for everyone. When finished, older children draw the money out of his pocket retail, fit two cup cream to give money owner. Count the money people said:

- You two have prepared the money and then there, so fair!

The children said goodbye to the bartender. They no longer seem as frightened as the last step in the shops anymore. When we prepared step out the door, he also tried to follow the owner:

- Thank you both, next time again come nhé!

I approached and told to pay space:

- this guy, I like the way he treats the kids.

- You know, the kids in this town live very difficult. Certainly eating a cup of ice cream is a pretty bold decision, especially in places where they have often been driven away. We still pay the food and that, why they are not treated as normal as other visitors? If you treat them like the guy stealing, as surely they will admit negligence and "steal something of his map. But if you are treated like customers who are kind, they will behave like customers Other polite.

The store owner is not my friend, I would not go to his shop regularly but through his behavior, he got me interested to export recovery. Shops his small but always full of customers because he knows to make customers feel their true value.

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