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"You bored me then" - Part 2: Looks like you wrong somewhere

Ha Despite urging from morning until almost 10 pm but insisted it did not leave the house, located tycoon animal hearing Linkin Park all night. He walked his shelves, but it is love that is appropriate when it would say, not now ...
disappear like a wind ...
Sunday morning, took the car out the door, running thong line on a lonely road, enjoy cool little atmosphere fragrant tree on the side, found freedom and happiness. Turn on somewhere, make beef noodle bowl Sì fall like a really busy, then finished to run on a long line up to look like street names and rewarded himself as a romantic holiday in Roman Holiday, Vespa does not matter and no cute guy for journalists to walk around every street.

somewhere off to watch that, but things sparkling eyes, and make some purely entertaining book, study or just carry on doing good for the price of the book, visit the gallery of an artist name age that art which complement the already poor even more on failure. Standing against the car on the pavement, a real eye protection handsome he looked far away, an eye full of art looking at Hoan Kiem dreams. Smile enjoy watching people sitting on benches reading newspapers, looking absently someone leaves swirling down the deep blue water, the photographer hands of multi-level invited guests welcome cumbersome blonde hippy-style dress. It changes slowly away, always spending like there must be calm happy.

"... Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you can not hear my voice I'll be
right beside you dear Louder louder

And We'll Run for Our Lives
I can hardly speak I
Understand Why you can not raise your voice to say ... "

The Leona Lewis Run familiar emitted elsewhere, it seen dimly familiar and startling in the subconscious mind is your phone ringing.

Ha ah, you do so?

Duy Anh way to organize the 3rd week break, you have to go?

Why you asked that, he had asked me where, when each row or

You're waiting for each new Duy Anh to you?

So you told me to do, I have to say goodbye Where you from yesterday kept shouting jack the idea because I sin all the world. Tired people.

shelf you see, do not tell me not say the 3rd, at the Duy Anh jog. Con fan.

You ... - On the other end has hung up. Annoyed, the call to break a sunny day.

wind blow blow white dress of a child walked past, the price of such a camera where it will not be fun to take this phase. He's it (or call it so) - ie photography Duy Anh also very nice. This is the sixth time in the morning it reminds me I also like to eat beef noodles, like painting, like buying books, looked like the heart of Hanoi in a sunny morning, it does not remember all the calls head does not end suddenly when it is happy or sad even when it's his lunch every morning, afternoon, more than a regular dinner meal. It sure looks like it likes to hang out with someone like that.

Looks like I was wrong somewhere ...

The HaNoi Holiday links end at 3pm, iron horse of it's time, every time it rains stick thin like plastic soil, or decrepit, thirsty areas up and down between the lines, to be a few days after the disease itself. Cope with the rainy season in Hanoi that it is based so long as the high-level personnel as well. But "higher human" today must not be less disease?

He considered him a car, walking death machine, normally for a while it was running ok but how did this?
She sat there waiting for me to check, from morning till now few cases of this kind, then, that the car where her diaper but also the world.
I do not know, uncle helped me out carefully.
It bundles pillows sat looking at the work place or strange short, fixed forever but do not know, I guess what is in the gifted area in which it is not available. A glimpse of him just going through the right, near his home here. It rushed out the door looking in, to call, "he zai" as it is often, but the sound is emitted in the throat like a language sigh, very long. Familiar blue portal opens and closes in a hurry, just hide the ball passes through the crowd speckled green vines yellow flowers. ...

Sun coming rain, wind blew the white curtains, nearly pulled down on the windowsill pots to the ground may only snake lying on the desk splashed stones. I miss it, more than what it thinks. Tried to dispel any strange feeling nagging followed by a full dreamless sleep, read it somewhere saying that: Remember that one's sense of love ...

Another night anymore because she did not smile without you wish it good night ...

wondering and decided ...

why suddenly the eyes nose blur nhoet , just like a used but large or cry.

Sleepiness, yawning a lot, tears, blurred nhoet, that's all, nothing to cry - He tried his hand wipe every tear left cheek, she cries, but not how or has emerged an hour in a handkerchief.

I know the distinction between a yawn and cry! - Ha plopped down next to it .- The Duy Anh you love and you?

Not on your life? But then he said goodbye!

if Duy Anh That is not saying goodbye, then you may realize you do not love Duy Anh?
It does not know the definition of love, while all of humanity are going to find a proper truth, it does not intend to self-invent something sort of like that.

Do not know? But I remember that!
She sat back, directly opposite it

Mai Duy you have to break up English? (Ha Duy Anh never call him that is always justified them by name, though it was trying to fix)

To say? Suddenly you say that after we broke up, then I realized I loved him well, stupid death.

You stupid they are, than to sit limp as chicken dipped in boiling water like this, do not keep up with regrets.

Tuesday evening ...

outdated vehicle towing the car on, look at the sky watching all land, all go up then down.

Ha Despite urging from morning until almost 10 pm but insisted it did not leave the house, lay covered by blankets In the end Linkin heard all night. He went to his shelves, but it is love when it's appropriate to say that, not now ...

rig Logitech V20 flicker in the room of one who had three sleepless nights .

The golden light, the Brit ... Sometimes

9:30 PM - First frame house with yellow flowers speckled.

end spinning rotation the clock back a few loose wires unusual today, sit back in the saddle back on the beat type of asphalt. 2 hours ago before it also repeated the whole of the movement he had only to wait outside or not. Tonight, that not all last night, before yesterday, yesterday, at which it also miss him terribly, every day, every morning, every afternoon, every afternoon, every night, every night, every time a bit, are lunch meals more regularly. Unplug mobile phone, but always filled with antique pin enough so that it can trade with him all night, a set of keys, Calling You Zai, a smile lit up her face is hidden behind bent intently, it must tell myself from tomorrow 1 change into love.

Alo, my dear?

I thought you had deleted the name in my list but then - it looks up at the lights on the 2nd floor balcony - What are you doing there?

Um, are arranged it all, Anything wrong with me?

Down a bit is not home? I suddenly remembered that I have not told you this-He saw the door open on the second floor balcony, he looked down to wh
ere it stood, holding the phone up and cracks a grin full of innocence, it is assumed I just like to pretend.

Looking at a street lamp shines like gold hot caramel sprinkle over the trees, leaves, yellow flowers, both rolled down the dark dark street . Ephemera endless chit to work under artificial light areas which we thought was the sun. Perhaps the body is missing or have they suddenly found something cheap, it relays wired with sunflower species, always facing the sun. Both, it also covered a yellow honey that hot.

England forward, stood opposite the light that it is admiring praise, the face hidden behind dark, look high-cold arrogance. But it is not to look to him ...

Tuesday to be busy for me, today I went to wish him good luck tomorrow, to keep it healthy, quick on - He tried to speak quickly, as I fear forgetting something, or if not faster, just a little while it can not uttered a word.
just like that star? Well thank you .- His voice is steady stranger, he lit up both the color of honey.

I want to say ... ... If I go, I'll miss you very much, and ... that ... that ... that ... that ... And I think you ... I Love You - how then did as expected, it will launch the car straight home and not listen to his resume last say or do, but it suddenly burst into tears, crying like the first time he saw it, to spend the last candy was stolen.

I know, I know both of them last Sunday but did not invite him to go out with me, I know that I stand here all night from now, hold off. This time he did not have to wipe your handkerchiefs I do - Just say he has put his hands on the cheeks stroked it, can wipe away the hot tears of a child or crying baby.
So why do not you wait to do mosquitoes always claimed both hands.

As well you should have run after him but once, and if he does not break you, then I will also say how much I fed him again and again - a solid arm round the shoulder embrace its input voltage hair always smells so it was not always compliment my hair very aromatic-Well I knew from now he will always call you the love.

Did you also go to Japan again?

What did not change, but is okay, not good that the brothers still live, just remember a little bit alone - British sly smile.
Not a little but a lot, and I'd wipe the eyes clean hands and wipe your nose on the pants every time it cries.

So once it would be the last cry of love.

It felt warm in the warm berry red puffy eyes, a feeling that it flew like dandelion flowers are melting in the wind. Perhaps it's best moments in the life of a flower so gentle.

Lane visited the night away ... spotting stars, tomorrow the sun will be bright sunshine ...

... Sometimes I run Sometimes I hide

Sometimes I'm scared of you
pen is all I really Want to hold you tight treat you right
, be with you day
and night baby all I need is time ...

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