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"You bored me then" - Part 1: Why the tears flow

As every time, when uttered the phrase" I'm tired of him already, "he thought he would laugh and tell him slowly but think, do not give up yet. But this is not ... He got up, leave it, astonished ...
Café and a light afternoon rain ...

sun shining brightly, a rain suddenly rushing to make people as surprised to see an old friend, feeling fit again unexpected pleasant cool slowly absorbed through the skin. Summer showers are not commonplace and relentlessly persistent from day to day, rushing to rush it and then quickly disappear, soggy grass, a wind blows through the trees to shiver as empty spots what is left, taking the light-water particles that float down through the startled interest. Left pale sun pavement, pearl leaf litter on the streets is that we, her tummy under the rain hurried footsteps. It has been sitting here for nearly two hours, coffee cup ice melts into a transparent layer on the surface, watching the little cup of water flowing down the road from the eaves like the tiny light that suddenly pleased with life, so re just too complicated to do, everything has its place, it is important to accept and may be a little wait.

Or we broke up ...

- I'm tired of him already!
- Then we separated to go, he is also tired of having to run every day by children.

Somewhat surprised, it's a sip of coffee as it is to drink water every time it say "I'm tired of him already," Duy Anh have just laughed and said it slowly, but failure think, because if you miss it then just said sorry and crying suicide, if it does not give him one to tears (and nose) each time it is because they like to cry anymore ... I always run everything it wanted, although it sure does not love him but he said "I will give you all the kids, wait until the day I love you." But it looks like it was wrong, I do not wait anymore ...

- I think? Do not regret Small, yes we broke up.
- Do you work on before, little children of the light - a statement uttered nonchalantly, and he stood up, walked hastily, who disappeared in the current crunch on the street without noticing.
It looked listless legs stretched canvas shoes light brown dust spotting, tapped a familiar tune, softly singing a song with vague, hand and bar letters amorphous water from coffee cups melting. It did not even know what grade you're in the provision of emotional, sad-perhaps, empty-a bit confusing, since it is probably best to talk about the feelings of it now. He is not rushing to leave it up to realize they had hastily retreated from her life as it is stubborn, like a sudden rain in early summer ...

It spread out before hand awning , hit the cool water flowing slip your fingers through the cold powder.

Why do you love it? ...

- Zai Hello!
- Hi girls!
- Haha, he did not call you "love" too well, suddenly I remember that terrible, but they only joking, called his brother and sister, like when I'm going there again or more, when I love him, he promised to call you is Love nhé.
- Uh he was waiting for that day so my sister sir.
- What are you trying that, I do not see you today have progressed actively invite him to eat you?

... Just hold the fork to flooded pitches pieces of cheese pizza to his mouth, it was a little tidbit is always best to spend at the last minute, just hold coke coke sucking drunk. He sat opposite stared out the window, with purple flowers swinging in the breeze.

- How could you love me?
- As I always say just bored me - His eyes still stared out without facing inward.
- I do not believe!
- So you want to hear how the answer, that the children of the most beautiful girl he had met or the most intelligent of the girls he had met, you know, not yet. So simply I love you, that's all.
- even if you do not like him? - It looked at him curiously.
- Uh although I do not like him, he would wait a day I hear you say "I love you" or "I hate you."
- I know is that I do not hate him but love is hard, so I waited shelves, sometimes as long as he is to go out with me, so there must be no more fun.

He has his eyes off the flower pot is still swinging, eyes oriented towards it, not talking.

- Going out and help you in times like this - He withdrew in brown scarf in his pocket to clean the wound lean chili accidentally wiped it on my cheeks, which is moving away from light pink to red when not.

- Auto stop him do you think of Fernando in the Oxford love, as he wiped ketchup stain for Kim in the first dormitory to her .

The first time I met you, Cinderella shoe dropped

but the prince does not pick up ...

Led motorcycle with tattered form of travel between the trees on the campus of the poetic beauty with lots of flying leaves, covered with mother of pearl leaves the saddle a bit wet after the rain, trying to clean the walk tears flow but it is still a steady speed, such as coffee fin. Lined up every hour hackney, it's like to cry loudly.

- Why are innocent people cry is that? - It looked like looked up, still sitting on the grass and cried like a child lost, the last attempt to take candy.
- Hey, swollen mosquito bites her hand up and behold, you want to cry, then find a place to sit and clear that finding a parking spot for a little more kindly if she is not nothing but the first.
It is now noticed it last, swollen red spots scattered on the arms do not get any beautiful. Face looked up at the witnesses to it from time to cry, still innocent hiccups constantly, his eyes were red.

- I tried to choose the dark so no one saw, but I was wrong so sure I will find a brighter place to cry.

stranger duon surprise you.

- I'm free, she may need someone to sit and look underneath the car for failing?

Bring water clean hands and eyes blur nhoet red berries, it might also need someone to share, though he has said it wants to listen or not.

- A security ... ... I could sit with me one more time ... is not? I ... I ... want someone besides ... even just to hear me tell what ordination is not relevant to them.

- I did not study psychology to be able to comfort someone said as he stepped onto the other cry but it made the car look ... uh ... well be reluctant. ...

- Last terribly sad that, again sorry again, did not even have the know how, if he loses the car he was always sure they go home they head on the pillow died. - It said, laughing, stroked the hair lever before flying blind.

- That was the first time he saw a big girl as she sat crying Minister clearly to the public. At first he thought to go through to the shelf that girl is crying because people often do not want anyone sad affect her, but he went one piece still hear you cry more loudly so he decided to come back - I squint smiling and avoid the sun from the window casts.

- The blueprint was clear that he cared about how much you have of winning so that workers would not know where she disappeared to ... or possible - here it comes to stop smiling hooligans - A little jealousy that has eaten away at the talent of the children that lost legs to hurt you, but how many short rivers to swimming success at all. Do you have the whole night last night temporarily had to finish. Think that I wanted to cry loudly. Tears flow but did not know how, so I sat down to cry delicious.

- What is new is you, that's why I need you beside the car to look, listen to me as junk and gi
ve you a handkerchief rather see you take Clean your hands off your eyes, nose and then apply it on ... ... pants.

- Well, you just have a new front that's all normal children but also "delicious" Gil.
The purple flowers are swaying in the wind, the leaves are still falling pearl filled each season to rest, or she is crying because things are very romantic and each had flashed like a new daughter large. Only he is always running short of breath as it wants.

I'm boring you ...

First: You will not say he managed 24/24 (if you are People are always jealous and want him within his control)

Monday: Love in, if you are advocates of "Sen", please note, his son is now qualified saw the highest level but Sen is hardly anyone to be number 5 (According to the author of it).

Tuesday: If you have a bad memory, but you must remember everything related to love (birthday, lover, brother or brother, sister or sister, parents and friends ... Then all anniversaries ...), there are many, very expensive memory, aging very quickly, but surely no one wants the old colors.

Wednesday: Oh Incredibly this is tiring, both for health and mind, every time you go back to the whole previous day, or at least a night to choose to wear the most beautiful tomorrow, if nothing nice to huc Fig. wear you go to buy such a thing followers of fashion addicts damage.

Thursday: Not only that, love each other no mess or maybe not at least call 1lan/ngay. this is also tired with the little lazy even making phone calls on journalists do not eat rice.

Friday: day suddenly stood before a mirror to see her several times there is not pretty, grow something new on the surface, to then have to face every day is his bad back and a little older, this is very flat.

Saturday: Always have to define work they are doing what is called to answer questions such as moisture level, you're doing? Only God knows the WC I'm sitting with him precisely define what if someone has missed his calling at the right time most sharp odor.

Saturday: phen for his heart to that without warning (because sometimes I miss my girlfriend a romantic love, which means between boys and unexpected romance), while she was asleep and yet stylish appearance, losing it all collapsed image nearly half. Although you do not care or is trying to rebuild it.

Saturday eight, nine, ten, ...

It lists sat near two sheets of paper A4 to conclude a sentence.

- I feel love him so tired, I'm tired of him then, sometimes he took him out is okey then, do not care about you so that - It irritated incense up the phone, it was a long bridge with someone like that.

The other side of the line of silence, a voice hesitated.

If so I just continued keep my life that is most comfortable, just the time you want to share to call him - a silence between conversation anymore, it's like he was hung up before - and you know I just loved you, that is enough. Late, you sleep.

It did not want to hurt someone and they did not want to make anyone sad, but if you love someone so much to need such care it is exhausting. Maybe it will wait for him would, it can not fake my feelings are.

Despite rain rain ... The rain has

constant, it stands up very fast, as fast as the enjoy the single life is returning as before. Open mouth, flashed a smile, swinging keys in hand, perhaps at some point it will rethink its decision not wrong, but for now it is not the time. Cool sky and sun dancing on one arm without any sunscreen protection, from now nobody will eyeball and it reminded every street without caps or cream, black arms burned as always I want to cry mouth white shelled eggs.

- Hey, Ha ah, to cover areas not at all, on Hang Bong nem chua Small Fry, I celebrate the joyous return to life before.

- Today you are fan ah, Duy Anh going to Japan and which you so cheerfully bright Well, I'm rather sad for him. Sure ...

- Ha - He shouted in the phone - and where, why so, I first heard this information this afternoon that I just met Duy Anh see what he tells me Where.

- I know, because I'm his classmates, he said that, what scholarship there, you go check the information on, ah, but I'm busy, do not eat with you.
It hangs up, tut tut sound sounded dry. Sliding your hands in your hair tangle wet hair chase you up, as though the blood to the brain in the head with its small non-count rate by the minute. Trying to tell myself, that's the one who used it ever, ever, and its responsibility is only to wish him luck, that's all.

"I'm tired of being what You Want Me To Be Feeling compared Faithless
lost under the surface Do not know what
're Expecting of me Put under the pressure
of walking in your shoes
(Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow) Every step
that I take is another mistake to you
(Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow) "

... (Numb - Linkin Park)

tonight no one asked what it was to eat less and to a certain time to remind it back to bed. Darkness went down to visit ...

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