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The best way kiss

Marriage is a fine art. It can be seen as a first step to bring great emotional intimacy. Here are a few techniques to get the kiss "special".
your lips caressing it gently in the following ways to heat up your love life.

passionate kiss

When married, be very gentle bite lower lip (women like that) and then lightly suck at the end of each to create a great feeling.

french kiss

favorite kiss is the most applicable the world is the French kiss. Gently kiss with my eyes to feel ajar. Song before the climax to the most comfortable with kissing your lips ajar. For your tongue slowly exploring a partner's lips. Discovery of her tongue gently with a gentle motion. Essence to create a French kiss is the sensitivity of the tongue. Meanwhile gently explore her tongue and sucking it gently. Explore other areas of the mouth that cute. Tenderness as viscous those areas of your tongue.

Lips or the chocolate?

There be a little weird, but worth to try it. Take a small piece of chocolate to melt and you'll have a French kiss. It would be really comfortable. Feel: great! Lips or chocolate here?

Rhythmic kiss

Please tell the lie, and love your pillow in your lap you You leaned down and kissed them in rhythm. Will put your lower lip to lip of the people you love and vice versa. You can try to French kiss in this posture. A kiss may be used in the startup phase before the two of you have moments of angels.

Filled kiss
It begins with a gentle kiss on the forehead, then slowly down the eyelids to make his or her eyes gently closed to enjoy the strange feelings. And then feel the warmth of the breath gently rolled down the nose. Let your wonderful kisses subtly explore all the treasures of the mouth lovely. Do not be too strong. Let your partner participate.

Kiss for belly button

gently kissing and blowing lightly on your belly button situation can also give people a sense of trembling love.

kiss orgasm

A kiss is the most pleasure will bring a warm feeling of love that butterfly kisses. Be closer together enough to feel the breath of each other and to close your eyelids open for two opposite, so the vibrations will feel in harmony with the beats of the heart.

And be quiet! It's a French kiss sexy and full of pleasure with a little cold. Put a small piece of ice in your mouth, then kissed her and moved it into her mouth piece of rock with subtle movements of the tongue.

You can do many things with stone, try putting a small stone in your partner's belly button and puts a little rule that if it falls out, then you should stop kissing. When rocks melt, let the water cool from a stone filled sensitive areas to make her a wonderful feeling. Or simply switch back when you use a stone that French kiss.

If you want more erotic feelings, put a stone on the tongue until it melts or it just rocks on the tongue and slowly kissed your neck, ears and her chest. Take control of it so skillfully with your tongue.

The creativity is to create unique and exciting pleasure. Let's discover them from themselves.

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