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Best love quotes

I love silent love is sacred. In the heart shadow hidden love shining like a pearl. In daylight strange, love a painful blur. (Tagore)

true love, then clean it in your heart is not in senses. (Lacordaize)

Love is sympathetic. Learn the long term. Not just a one minute hold a second meal in no time. (Anonymous)

Nothing noble and venerable than fidelity (Cicero)

Love is believing in things that can not be (Elizabeth Browning Barbett)

love of the boys are not located in the heart which in his eyes. (Shakespeare)

The first symptom of true love in his son is timidity, in a girl is aggressive. Two schools tend to come together and make up for this side of the other characters. (Victor Hugo)

People often say first love is the most beautiful love affair, but the last the same is true undying love. (J. Paul - Zac)

It is love to the earth rotation, no man would love to doomsday. (AFTER GILBERT)

If love does not come from either side, that is, your love does not arise from love in return. If you love yourself without becoming the beloved, then your love is impotent, a misfortune. (Karl Marx).

As the first love of a woman does not mean anything, must be the last of their lovers there. (DONNAY)

There is a rose does not host nor a woman does not have an anonymous man to admire, adore her. (GIRACDANH)

The daughter's boyfriend has received a gift that brings order to get loans. Sometimes debt is usually paid with his life. (VIVARON)

man and a woman who used to say your first love affair. Friendship is one thing that artificial situation to conceal an affair in which both parties did not dare speak out. (Marcel Proust.)

In life only one thing worth mentioning is love because it is the seeds of happiness and the cause of suffering. (Ronsard.)

Love often makes people blind. When two guys in love is always for someone you love and their stories entirely reasonable. Only people who receive what is new addition to what is wrong. (Albert Camus.)

One can charm a woman with a lie. But people only woman to conquer hearts with truth. (Krassovsky.)

Nothing painful for the woman loses her feel worse by those around any one aspect that is always so emotional aspects. (Gina Lombrosso.)

True love regardless of age, class, status, fame ... By it to all. It is the god of love. (Lope De Vegas.)

Creation born woman near her just to get more love to enjoy, such as fragrant flowers make those around us feel before his own benefit, the woman is the true flower of love. (Alphonse Esquiros)

Never marry a woman when they do not love me though is that they give themselves a treasure of gold. (Lope De Vegas.)

It's experience happiness in love in the suffering of its own cause rather than by the joy it brings. (Dulos.)

All my happiness is all due to her happiness. (Sully Prudhomme.)

Never should believe the promises of man ong.Nguoi men always betray ideas. Never raising hope in the words of the man swearing ba.Nguoi woman always meant betrayal. (Alfred de Musset.)

Death to all who you love is easier than living with his lover. (Byron.)

love and be loved is ever heard a song that is not boring. (Madame De Stael.)

Loved very definition language is simple. It is harmony between the soul boys and girls. (Jean Jacques Rousseau.)

Not only have true love without any feeling and soul. No love without any full insertion into the flesh. (Pierre Dufoyer)

ultimate truth in the world is just love. Love is life and love alive is conn. (Voltaire)

woman not afraid of suffering, not afraid of death, not pain management. But the woman just when I fear to die without loving people known for their love. (Gina Lombrosso)

woman always willing to sacrifice, if you give them a chance of their main forte is the threshold fast. (William De Somerst Maugham)

One thing thornless roses, which is friendship. One thing most roses have thorns that love flowers. (Mademoisell De Scudery)

Men what is hidden, except when drunk and in love. (HL Menchen)

no love for people, not for those who are hungry (Euripide)

Love is friendship plus sex and re
If it's friendship love heavy noble
If it's severe sexual passion poor man (George Sand)

Love is such a craze because when it comes and goes as you want (Stendhal)

Illusion is the food of love (Victor Hugo)

When asked, in the heart of our world and the death no longer available (J. Erenbourg)

love beautiful just the end of suffering (Ronsard)

Love is blind but marriage back light am for it (Lightenberg)

does not have true love for love with the quiet desperation in (Holmes)

when a love is still dead one love, because love is life and death is just a (Le Port)

love naked, but wearing a mask (Moschos)

In love is just a medium sweet poison (Plaute)

When not go, ready to love cows (Shakespeare)

Love is a dog lying , it's like to be the hit rather than let strangers stroking (Colton)

Love is a lump of charcoal can not be held in the hand (De Navarre)

Love is like a hotel, we found there are what we bring only (quotations Persian)

Love is a punishment, we are being punished because they can not live alone (De Stael)

Love is a kind of disease through three periods: Desire, tenure and satisfaction (quotations spanish)

Love begins with smiles and ended with tears (Lacordaire)

There is no perfume love money more efficiently (quotations island code)

Love is a wonderful flower, but must have the courage to be able to take us to the abyss was picking flowers (George Sand)

Love is blind, But marriage for love to return the eye (Rachilde)

woman cries before the wedding
Men cried after the wedding (Polish Proverb)

when women had to confess love, blushing often than when having sex (De Navarre)

For women, love a man that is cheating a man His other (Etienne Ray)

Men marry because
Tired Woman marries curiosity
Both were disappointing (Oscar Wilde)

when unmarried daughter live irresponsible, that the future when a family is a wife's worst (Benamin Franklin)

When a woman promise to love you, you should not always believe them, but they sure do not love you, too! he did not believe them any more (E 'douard Bourdet)

Pretty Woman which is another silly, but what a pig wearing a gold ring (the Bible)

that women's silence is heaven to the (Bible)

Love is like war: easy to happen, but it's hard to stop (Nieneken)

The wrinkle is the grave of love (Spanish Proverb)

Jealousy is self-love of the flesh (Etienne Rey)

God made
intercourse man making love (Jules de Goncourt)

Love is like the plague, the more fear the more suffering (Champort)

Only love conquers who is fleeing alone (Cowley)

have loved each other, as well as poisonous snakes eels
not love the grilled catfish is also leeches (Proverbs Laos)

Love has
two children: kindness and patience (Quotes from Italy)

Love starts from the eye (quotations Romania)

love only come once in life
only once but for the whole of life (Unknown)

Love is a pitiless tyrant anyone (Pierre Corneille)

who does not love his love that is love in the rain forest (quotations Nigeria)

Love, it went well as it arrives , never the way I want (De Girardin)

To capture the hearts, minds to sacrifice (quotations Turkey)

Love is trust things can not be (Mencken)

sorrow Love is not love is not (Calderon De La Barca)

Love is a punishment. Was fined for not living alone (Marguerite Yourcenar)

I love when people do not know each other (Anatole France)

first breath of love is last breath of wisdom (Antoine Bret)

love to kill time, but also kill time Love (English Proverb)

The best way of love is when love does not require (Saint Augustin)

When no secret love is the pleasure (Behm)

Love is strong as death (Holy Bible)

Why do people not love his wife? Because people loved his wife too others (Alexandre Dumas)

always find something new at each other then at each other when bored (Unknown)

love that is signed with suffering (Cohin)

Love, short, long lament (Quotes from Romania)

have loved it so easily deceived lover (Moliere)

When away from each other but hate each other that is also tribute to each other (De Sevigne)

If you get to love beauty, beauty is as brutal failure, love will fade (Chinese Proverb)

not have money, love just a waste of grass (Maintenon)

woman little dress is the woman is the most respected men (Alphonse Karr)

Love is the dawn of marriage, and marriage is the sunset of love (De Finod)

Women should take his lover rather than take the one you love (Arab Proverb)

married man because not only a truly loving woman, but because they were too tired, too tired for many other women (De Rieux)

Get lost his wife that is part of their freedom (Italian Proverb)

For women taking sooner or husband, while married men are as late as possible (Bernard Shaw)

love as powerful as lightning channel, but not accompanied by explosions and the fierce thunder of love is very pleasant (Mikhail Lomonosov)

the time and not want to end love (Publilius Syrus)

habit of love is mixed blend pleasure and pain (Clement Marot)

how much love, as much suffering (Amiel)

Love reduce blushing of women and increase the man's blushing (Richter)

Women love with your ears, men love with your eyes (Anonymous)

Love is a pleasure make the most tired, but most people get less bored (Decourcelle)

love smells like wine, the less clear the more vapor concentration (Charles Duclos)

life Sleep is where love is a mother (Alfred de Musset)

love making time through blood, and also make time for love through the blood (quotations Italy)

people can only love once. the next romance is only the reluctant love (Gustave Flaubert)

A love that dog will howl in rhyme (Bieaumont)

It is only love what we do not have (Marcel Proust)

Lack of love, man is like a corpse waiting shrouding (Remarque)

People use dogs to catch rabbits, take these words to flatter fools gold, silver and bring out attractive women (German Proverb)

Women are just sexual apparatus to make people spend money runs out that one silver (William Faulkner)

The cooperation is the most mistakes cooperation of the heart (Chamfort)

Man is the only animal cursed your partner (Arieste)

love of the boys are not located in the heart, which in the eyes (Shakespeare)

love all woman easier is a unique love (Entienne Ray)

He who has love hate is suddenly still love slave (Ovide)

It is jealous because self-love than the love (Rochefoucauld)

bandits demanding money or demanding our lives. Both women claim (Samuel Butler)

Woman no chest as a bed without pillows (Anatole France)

Gold makes a woman emotionally, women make road he touched (quotations Armenia)

One can not just ask again just wise (Spanish Proverb)

love more passionately, more sadness intense (quotations Myanmar)

Peel away the mask of love, you will return to the world peace (Rousseau)

love is harder than raising tips love (Blanchard)

Love is a smoke made by the breath choked (Shakespeare)

who made you cry love you more (Cervantes)

suddenly hate is love love is a quietly passionate (De Scudery)

Love is like teeth. When growing, it hurts us. When keeping it, I was going to bear the pain. When falling, it also hurts us. But in life, nobody does not want that (Polish Proverb)

the world does not have to love the sun will be turned off (Victor Hugo)
Love is a game in which all people are confused (De Balzac)

Love is for, the love is lost (La Rochefoucauld)

How involved do not love Love is really the place to find heaven on earth (Descartes)

Love has created many heroes, but it also creates a lot more idiot (quotations Sweden)

Love in the bowl of soup, and love for each other in words (Proverbs Thai)

love everybody loves a woman is easier than a single person (Etienne Rey)

Love is deprived of reason in those who are endowed with reason and those without it (Diderot)

At age 20, young people damaging the woman, at age 30, they kept woman, and at age 40, they re young woman (Leon Blum)

revenge on a lover who is cruel to show he also love them (Adolphe Ricard)

love fear of suspicion. However, the love growing up with the suspect, and often die because of the conviction (Gustave le Bon)

woman talking to a man in time to see where a person other men and think of a man Tuesday (Batahari)

Women like the fruits, as many as nine MSN (Dekker)

The men her happiness like a peaceful country without history (George Eliot)

Water damage the wine, the road vehicle damage, damage to man woman (French proverb)

Women like petals
It was just one time only (Proverbs Vietnam)

The woman argued that the woman dried Emotional (Malcome de Chazal)

Weapons of them are women tears (Shakespeare)

I always have to prevent three things: having poisonous snakes, smart man said, and the woman, or change (Japanese Proverb)

God only created woman to lure men (Voltaire)

Is Money a ruler to measure the best of love (La Bruyere)

Who love and violence, who said that less

Love, no morality is only the weakness and chaos.

Love is when a sudden increase in blood pressure, heart rate back down, breathing apparatus intense work. Love is the cough, could not hide.
(The Medicine)

Love can thatched hut of a gold castle
(Victo Huygo)

The absence of short-end advice on love, long absent destroy it.

Happiness is a lottery no small batches, or attained only poison did not hit anything
(Macxen Ocle)

One can charm a woman with a lie. But people only woman to conquer hearts with truth

Love means no right to enjoy the sun's all too common. Lovers have their own sun.
(M. Jouhandeau)

Love is a mystery even to speak to more than just who's really know what
love is love.

Love is found where someone you love is what I wanted, not what you find
(P. Reboux)

In love, it started with the rhetoric and ending with philosophical
(J. Dyssord)

then asked the Financial Recovery - which is the ideal way of road Ms.
for men who love and then bending streak - it's the ideal way for a woman man
Shut up and say forever - it is an ideal way of super men and when women come together
(Hoai Lam)

end of life the woman is a man

Both cobbles woman's life is a chronicle of love
(W. Irving)

Under the shade of the great men have always silhouette woman to remind them that they are just people like others

women make in life is how to behave refine and make people prefer the courtesy. They are the true teacher is about relationships and encouraging everyone to sacrifice. Rarely has any man that is loved them savages.
(G. Legouve)

woman remembers the man who made them laugh, men only remember the woman who made them cry.
(H. de Regnier)

Love is not a preset program;
But it was a moment to lighten the heart is.
(De Belloy)

Without desire, love is the only weakness of the soul.
(W. Congreve)

Love is the greatest act of the soul and a masterpiece of human work.

Love is not looking at each other but looking together in one direction.
(S. Exupéry)

of love is the wisdom of the wild, wild is what's wisdom.
(S. Johnson)

means that his own happiness in the happiness of others.

The friction of the lovers make love more fresh.

not love his wife and children are reared in the home of a lion and incubated a nest of grief.

love all graceful look of a fairy, and how the scene of a grisly wrath (Francis Bacon)

The suffering in love as much as mussel shells on the beach ( Ovide)

I would rather be tied, but was living near someone you love, than to live free of unpleasant side (quotations Persian)

The applicant's I even hit me up to where we still felt very peaceful (quotations Egypt)

Love is a sparrow that people do not rebuild after destroying it (the name Turkish language)

nothing beautiful life with love is incomplete (Thomas Moore)

mother's lover even though many still beautiful flower basket (quotations Myanmar)

Beauty draw just by a hair (Alexander Pope)

Beauty sensational heist rapidly than gold (Shakespeare)

Marriage is an evil but a necessary evil (Menandre)

husband feared his wife was stupid of course, but the wife does not know her husband is stupid grade (Ages training)

The fly drops dead because of confidentiality. Women dying man a lot of words. Men die beautiful wife. His parents died a real taste (Kant)

Silence is the most beautiful jewelry for the woman (quotations Netherlands)

flesh woman raised with tenderness as well as bees fed with flowers (Anatole France)

no woman like the body without the soul (French proverb)

woman is a fortress, the men are locked up in prison that (quotations Kurde)

At first woman trying to counter the courtship of the man. Then they try to prevent his escape (Oscar Wilde)

Men act of murder by murder
Woman with eye corner (Paul Carrel)

I'm so glad I'm not a man was going, because if a man I was going to marry a woman (Ms. De Stael)

Love is just left of the novel heart, a new pleasure plot (Beaumarchais)

No everlasting love that only the eternal moment of love (Albert Camus)

If Satan knows love, it will not be cruel (Sainte Therese)

Love is like a soup: the first spoon the hot sauce too, but the spoon after it cooled slowly (Jeanne Moreau)

People who steal do not steal the love, but often make people love the thief (Quotes from Sweden)

of the mouth that bites people we love than a kiss of people do not love (Proverbs Li shot)

So who is in love with the eye, hawk eye is blind. Tai guys are loving the sound heard small (Shakespeare)

When love wants to speak, reason was going silent (Regnard)

Love is a name bum, it would forever when people just gave it everything that people have (Rochpedre)

Love is like a vine. It will wither and fade if it is not something to be wrapped in tangerine (quotations India)

Tu is the realm of happiness, love is wired wrongly (Nguyen Du)

I love it more and more naked little cold (John Owen)

Sa in love is doubly dangerous than falling from heights (Plaute)

If love has no miracles, why called Eros? (Prevost)

door opens easily pleased that we welcome, will also be closed easily chased us away (Feurzonger)

Without money and women put together, no one was banished to hell (Cyril Tourneur)

morning rain and the tears dry very fast women (quotations Czech)

For marriage successful, her husband was going deaf, his wife was going blind (Taverner)

Want to marry beautiful, smart and rich back then was going to get married again three times (Polish proverb)

woman whose husband does not like horses unbridled (quotations Serbia)

Love is the work of the idle man, do not sit to eat, but who is full of busy idle busy (Bulwer Lytton)

life without love as the year without a summer month (quotations Sweden)

One day old in a day when people entangled in our love (Theocrite)

budding new love as well as new wine, it only actually do with the time (Jewish quotations)

Despite belonging to her, a love is forever postponed his (Andre Maurois)

Want to conquer her daughter, please make her understand that she was going was not the only pebble second to none on the coast (Harry Brasted)

Any woman who does well will always be a kid for life (Alfred de Vigny)

woman as the type cool water, then drink the dead, like shallow water, wading down perished (quotations Africa)

woman like a fish: fresh is very good but if bending do not eat (quotations England)

Woman and donkey always obey the so-stroking (quotations Spain)

Women do not only ever loved one person. They call the people they love by different names (Carton)

Tears woman concealed many pitfalls (Denys Caton)

Women always say lies, where all you're in love (Moliere)

The wind changed direction every day, the woman then changed every second
No rapid change in weather and road she (quotations Romania)

heart woman is a deep sea, which can detect the sea floor, but not a woman of heart (Riccoboni)

Sitting on a reinforced tank mines less dangerous than sitting on the lap of a woman (Russian quotations)

If the Earth did not have another woman, then the earth will be a place of residence elves (Caton)

Language breath of her beautiful daughter rang far roar of a lion (Arabic proverb)

beautiful woman as long as What is less tasty meals until then (quotations Netherlands)

Pretty Woman which is another silly, but what a pig wearing a gold ring (the Bible)

Husband terrifying than his father because his father could not kill the husband may kill his wife (Voltaire)

Who is married to a woman who borrowed a loan (Antoine Loisel)

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