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Believe in your heart

Every man is a small universe, with countless numbers of cells horizontally like stars in the universe so vast out there. And it's no wonder more when I can not understand ourselves. And even more understandable when your friends do not understand us.

Physics course you are most passionate about, and also the skills you learn best. You only score a perfect 10 of this discipline can make you happy. But Friends of the misunderstood sadness when you get the point 9 is an arrogance. "Think nothing of 9 people dream that would not be!" But you simply difficult for ourselves.

A block A little test for you that it do not have to study History for tired first, and easiest solution to score continued look all you high. Re-cover your hands cupped my tests, it was criticized as selfish. "You did not damage anything, what is required to perform any University." But simply because you want justice, and you do not want to feel taken advantage of that.

When you suddenly received a letter from her friend's familiar with the block, a Basically all sincere feelings were put on the first letter she wrote to send to a boyfriend does not know, your request is made. Frank and sincere. But some mischievous comrades tore threw the first reading, taken out for teasing her. So that when your family scapegoat error, they blamed "fraternity many years, why so angry because we've only one she was not familiar." But you believe that all emotions are to be respected, whether it's a sentiment not clear who you face, know the name.

Life is like that. Not quite as sweet, not all the funny stories. Lack such moments as you misunderstood, shunned, was to blame. But words are sharp, pointed to make you doubt yourself, your own disappointment. Sometimes makes you want to give up, throw away the kind that you are still pursuing every day. You wonder if you can not be kind to those around them do not understand you and pointed at the words that hurt your soul.

But keep believing in your heart, believe that you were born to be a kind, and sooner or later people will see the sincerity in you ...

And also believe people feel my heart, that the people around you were born and to live the good things. Misunderstanding today is a rain gutter drain, make you wet even spurious, but to then all will love the fresh, intimate and liquids. Life will never lack the rain like that, strong enough to make you more surprised to realize my little heart never weak. And also to realize that there are always beating heart with good rhythm with your heart ...


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