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Beggar and two teachers

Mr Hung teachers met the beggar was at a petrol station. He moved by drag cows with bowed legs and an arm lay clothes lingered. Looked at him, startled his teacher Hung. Looks like he had once met. ah, yes ... That time, in the deserted alley, he found he was suddenly standing up cow slide up, sticking out his hand amputated thought was counting money. Turns out he pretended daily disabled.

Last meeting, he did not realize he should still sticking arm out holding back felt hat for money.

In other cases, he gave him a smack. But today, he did not, again with a smile, kindness, giving him pocketing the money of 20,000. Then he followed him back to 20,000 again and said:

- He used this money to rent a car so they carried him home a friend of mine, he's very rich and business people. He turned to get there.

He tore out a handbook written address to her, Do not forget to write the address of his.

Few days later, just as he predicted, the bum turned to his home. Different everyday, today he walks with full dignity of both hands and feet. Just saw him, he was the first bow:

- I came to thank him.

He took him into the house, kindly ask:

- Find the home of my friend right?

- Uh, is.

- Did he give you anything?

- For many, the money is for the one hundred thousand dollars, but I do not claim, I just received?

- Get what?

- A teaching .

- A teaching? - he recalled his teacher.

- Well, so it is. He disability, paralysis of both hands, so that the feet rest, so he did it all. Career, money? While you are?

With that, he stood up straight, extend arms, including hand how the days are unjust themselves tied to the body panels of the athletic guy, hot cup of tea to welcome teachers from his hands Hung.

After the guy out, his teacher picked up the phone Hung:

- A Lot! Master Nguyen Ngoc sign it right? Well, from the teacher, he has just arrived here, and thank him!

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