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Because she was his girlfriend!

In the past if someone asks to be selected again, do you like your son or daughter? I told my son likes to !!!!!
Because his son is comfortable to play, unhindered by the words of an adult daughter that her child that?
My son is actively do whatever they like. The width of their freedom than girls.
They were comfortable going out at night without fear.
They were comfortable flirting with no problems at all.
They do like her is actively attacking her, whether she like it or not.
They relaxed drink after work.
They comfort level department that does not fear ax opinion.
They always clap chest himself as a pillar in the house.
They have asserted that their work is great, but the house, cooks about their children, for the treatment of the story of her grandmother PM . But looking back, looking away with nothing big at all.
They are always self-autonomy.
If men are the women CEO is the chairman of the union. Trade unions have voiced how the CEO is still the decider.

Blah blah blah ... Generally boys have a lot of benefits!
But for now I choose again, I will still do his daughter ...
I'm not a strong person to the world, you need a shoulder to lean.
I'm not a water person Diving into the eyes know, you need a shoulder to cry on.
I'm not a fine person, but you need the most beautiful man in the eyes of children.
I'm not a girl what was, but I want real charm in the eyes of the opposite sex.
I'm not U.S., but I'll be the advisor to the powerful men of the children.
I'm not a chef professional, but I want to manually cook delicious meals.
I do not have a clever mother, but later you'll be a child's soul mate.
I'm not a perfect woman, but she will embrace their homes to life.
Because I was the daughter ...

(The cry

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