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Because I love you ...

Four years is a long time ... do not you? Her four years to find a reason for his day away from her. Four years ... I'm tired, bored, try to forget, buried memory in the new situation.
His four-year wait, hope of first love ... four years ... I believe him away from her for some reason and not because he stopped loving me ... Four years ... I still believe he went back on his side.
Four years after he went ... and now he returns, he has not contacted her. I will not believe it when he says he does not love her anymore, you just see yourself as you only. I do not believe until the day he returned, quietly. I have really no meaning in his heart ...
On it, he and his love. Innocent love of old school games. A month after he officially received his confession, after many months on two kids constantly focused on learning, repressed feelings, do not you leave yourself a reason to believe that they can be true.

Two years later, in time meet accidentally and rushed, he said he did not love her anymore when your heart knows im still dark shadow him. He told her to forget him go, go with the new sincerity. Then he went. I can not deceive him and his anymore. Their separation. I remember him gnawing the skin away. I love you so much! For her to wear her emotions torn. Pain! ... I hope and expect he will be able to hear back. But ...

On his back, I understand that I can not forget him and he does not belong to her forever.

Four years ago you know what? I believe he did not love her. I also know now he had a new life, peace, how much happier after four years of his turbulent and quietly hidden away from her.
It hurts when love without being loved back, more painful than when they are loved and have far, there have not as extreme an unforgettable figure of the past have
He ah, sorry I can not forget you promised to him, can not see him as a friend of his normal because I love you, love of life is also my last love!

Be safe on the road he went. Wish him happy! Petit

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