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Basic things to attract young

not only looks balanced or beautiful face of the new woman as man passionately. Sometimes, there is natural beauty and potential also makes a sexy and men remember forever, but they often do not speak out.


hair also plays a role in no small attention to the opposite sex. But what does not need too much away, just by the simple act, hair evoke emotion. One day, your friend across the road, either walk to chat when suddenly a wind to blow. Your friend's hair when the wind blows can cause you a strange feeling. You may not realize it, but that emotion can give you energy to live and make you feel the love life more than jog. Sometimes hidden beauty found in a moment, a memory rather than in the beauty of her appearance.

Her attitude with everyone

When I walk around with a girl, I'm always interested in how she treats the service staff. A nice personality who treats every kind and considerate. It's interesting to go with a girl and see her was to love everyone. It makes me proud and fortunate to be acquainted with her. It's a miracle if I met someone gives me a warm feeling, but if he also gives people the feeling that, I am more than happy.


Not only the new hair was noticed that a nice pair of hands can also make a beautiful sexy woman in the eyes of the opposite sex. Hands are beautiful hands combine the elegance and a little feeling strong. But not necessarily have a perfect hand, a normal hand, but was well cared for, clean and bright and feels somewhat disclosure of its owner.

She often noticed anything?

Suppose you with her to see a play, she is paying attention to the loading set the scene does not? She is interested in sitting in front of the couple does not? . Yes, we often share thoughts and ideas with others, but sometimes you can know more about him through the small details of their interest in the life jacket or a certain moment. You will see it is an adventure full of fun when one side can freely laugh and attention to small things in life.

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