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Balance between friendship and love

planning time for lovers and friends, in the important events ... are important factors to keep a balance between these two relationships.
What to do to just make lover happy just to maintain friendships when you have happy Rie

Plan of time

You want to spend so much time to express her love and attention. But you do not want from a lover, you no longer meet the friends. To contribute to complete the double line, you should plan on time to suit you.

Be present at formal occasions

You are trying to balance between friendship and love? Small tip: You should distinguish where the important event and your presence is essential. For example, in formal occasions like her birthday, new year, the anniversary of two lovers ... you are absent, it is a sign the relationship is not good for two people.

Going out with her and friends

An effective way to balance between friendship and love that is planning to play both. For example, when going out somewhere with friends, you can invite people to go with his love. This is an opportunity for both familiar and start new relationships. Those who do not have a girlfriend who loved the group will also support more afraid to talk to you because "host" your standing beside. If she and others in the group talk to each other laugh, it is a good sign for the relationship of two people.

She will also be happier because there are conditions to learn about human and friends of her boyfriend. So, this is a great way to balance between friendship and love.

Organize fun

Organize fun, the event is also a way to reconcile the relationship between friendship and love. Especially if the love you give to your beautiful girls, no love, then great. This will be a chance for you men, your friends, have the opportunity to meet and talk with her girlfriend.

Know where you are

These are simple rules to help you avoid offending or her friends. Remember then, if you go out with friends when not to spend most of their time to call or message for her lover. Or, if traveling with her, if you just stared into the phone, texting friends, nobody liked. Whoever does not go with lemon hearts when he does not focus on that conversation and just remember to focus first 3 characters somehow.

Give her the right to go out with friends at

If she does not like sports, you do not convince her to go along to watch football games or classmates gathered to play sports. And friends can also annoying if you are going, including only men should talk it over, she still next to your heirs. If you separate, when to make her go out with, when to go alone with friends, it also has significant effect to the objective balance between friendship and love.

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