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Asked a stranger

Suddenly, in a strange moment, I suddenly realized I was in love with a complete- Full-far-unknown.
Sometimes, those sitting alone, or I imagined a picture of you, at that time. Long brown hair flying loose to let the wind direction. Fragile in the wrong body pale yellow dress.

The hasty steps, but both seem a breeze. When it was break-time in the afternoon. I rewarded himself feeling relaxed with a delicious cup of Cappucino on hand and watch the large yard sophisticatedly designed from the 3rd floor of the office building where my company has just moved to the previous month. See me through, I suddenly have a very strange feeling that I can turn into a pale yellow clouds and flying high headline on the front of me right now. Laugh with crazy ideas, I still watched intently as a man I'm curious. Then, suddenly, like a hunch, I turned towards me. Double goggle open to surprise. And, I'm standing there, smiling nhoen ...

that moment, my heart softly again, and I know that I will never ever forget her face. Little white smooth face at me eagerly begins a naive belief, as I have just seen something interesting. Smile lit up the afternoon sun emit a warm feeling intoxicated. There is something very sweet and mellow suddenly slip into my heart. I like to say, stunned ... And just how lonely stand until I had my sight from time to time then.

After this, I have cursed herself does not know how many times. Among the vast sea of ​​noisy, the more I see once again how very vague. If only, if only you just run in to ask a question you something, sir Raw only one sentence. Just a name also, to see also a fragile wire connections. For now, I really was into clouds hanging and, just as you imagine it, you idiot sir.

I still Imagine, if I'm here now I would say . If people come to me now that I, I can not smile anymore. Looking at a beautiful dress, I imagine I'll wear it how cute. Many times I was startled when he had to communicate through many minds thinking about you. You haunt me in dreams flicker, where I was flying butterfly gently and still smile charmed him.

At first, the association that was also strange that I found interesting, as a dotted destroy life still goes quiet. Then, more and more I find myself bogged down. The idea is how you present more onto me like a trap. Vague uncertainty makes me want to invade struggling to escape. But until then, I still do not think, not believe, or simply could not believe the strange feeling for me. Only when I say months to realize, you're sure to smile when the hand method. In her eyes, I read so surprised to see my lonely face. I already know I do not hide anymore.


I am 23 years old, is the Creative Director of a foreign design offices. Job last year busy with the large design contract from the parent company in Singapore. The cell-week day-time months are arranged in neat order and virtually no gap. Every day, I plunge into the tangle of chaos in the workplace, industrial mix with the crowd young, talented, ambitious and somewhat arrogant. My people are identical. We whirl of work pressure, but still terrible excitement, as a dangerous substance.

At night, I often went to bars where My Phuong, girlfriend I, play the piano. She was an assistant general manager in a corporate advertising business reputation. The playing here is a habit from the time that her students still did not quit. I still prefer to sit quietly in a dark corner, watching The surfing enthusiasts on alternating black and white keys. Her hand with long slender fingers dance over the keyboard always fascinated denla.

We've been together for five years. Period long enough to feel close. But really, we never mention the word "love." Work together for what has since become a necessity, obvious, or as a habit. Perhaps, both she and I both want to understand. We do not want, or rather the fear when it comes to something too obvious, too sure. We want peace in the pleasant sense of security now. However, both have always understood, this new ambiguity is what makes us the most insecure.

*** Sometimes on the road, my heart suddenly exclaimed, shocked to see a distant silhouette as you. I have many times tried to gather courage to run, and I am also disappointed that many times down. Then there are times when I suddenly found myself unconsciously heading toward large courtyard filled with sunshine that Ang I step through the other. But I'm not entirely sure what you want. Found you, yes it was fun too, good luck too. And then ...? Left The ...?

*** "Originally, I looked at this!"

I was startled. Method was to accompany me from time to time. Her face in the dim light of the bar suddenly strange too. She looked at me intently, his eyes light up draft recommendations seriously uttered some months.

"The reason why that? Highlands at this very strange. Come with me, but where are raw like that. "

I smile, his throat suddenly dry. I'm in with a sip of water. "There is nothing in them ... I just too sensitive to it too. Maybe because the work in the office these days ... too tired. "

Silence. Confused. I tried to break the suffocating him.

"How long have you not happy playing the music again. I usually hit only sad songs. "

" Um ... Well let me give players a fun offline Highlands. "She laughed quietly sad.

The Light gently toward the piano. The guests in the bar cheer cheerful tone when the bustle of the "spring" in the song "Four Seasons" by Vivaldi rang out in space. Only me, and perhaps another method, hear between the notes that thrill a little ripple of confusion, chaos.

*** I feel something not-normal-regular. Originally the saying goes, you need to know that, right?
I let people down, threw the phone aside. Method SMS from the line still resounds in my head constantly. I know how to answer you hustle method? That he loved a girl u. A complete stranger girl and he did not even know her name even more. It's silly myth is not it?

But I know she got out. My method is always sensitive to the fragility. I closed my eyes, imagine her image. Means of a few years ago, her gentle innocence and sometimes mild weakness mi close vote on the keyboard as he led students that I lament. Method of time students complete course and more seasoned, ocean-going times of the airspace favorite of both child-playing barefoot between ocean waves and blue skies, breathtakingly beautiful. Then the methods of today, her bravery and good giang with a job many people dream, but why so suddenly like a stranger. She had not long ago based on my shoulders, no longer sobbing with sadness I'm happy sometimes very small. Both her, even I was drawn into the vortex and then gradually work apart from his time did not know ...

It all really ended already?

week, several methods are not met. I stayed calm going back and forth, threw herself into work. I'm still laughing with colleagues and friends.

But, inside me, seems to have a new blank form. It just spreads out forever, it's annoying.

Perhaps that is so down, uncomfortable with the lack of method. I reassure my self. But I know, not completely true. There is something intangible, stuffy seems to remind me that I had forgotten something very important.

Do not know why this method and then Children's stroll. She is very tough and bravery, she really is just me, still work normally even in the heart of a little down. But she will be fine, I know. She was much stronger than the other two new early acquainted.

Chilly weather last year, each paddy winds up in the air. From the window of my room, I looked at the alley at night peacefully. Paper flowers on dense array of many neighbors, each drive, each drive is that we petals flying in the wind as the rain of flowers, was beautiful. Every year at this time, the method I prefer and still claim the same front porch, idly watching her with flower petals flying. Method which is still romantic and dreamy like that. Suddenly, I remembered the smiling faces of her passionate interest in the paper flower truss.

Suddenly, the rain drops falling on my cool. This is a walk or a late season rains remain so. The rain seems increasingly heavy. This is now at The tan is based on the way home. Not knowing she is not sure to bring a raincoat. Walk before me always have to remind her, has run the day to bring her in person again. I felt nervous. or call her to see why it? Anyway, here considered the best running back, bring your raincoat always ...

I stood up. Suddenly I stopped, my heart ached to hear. You are doing so raw? Are not you then chose to leave The stars ...

Wait, why do not you realize that you still remember a thing about her and her attention to how much you? You do not realize that was how long, so much torment and empty when the decision was split method to make you forget the very reason why you away from her? You completely forget I was, who her eyebrow-La, and the only church in the tsunami memories gush about the method. Idiot, very stupid, I cursed herself. Stars forever till now I realize what is important to you, and your heart will always be an actual method. Emotions to be but I was most severe heatstroke time. I panic I realized why the image of that same method of beginning to wonder. So I've been in love with Phuong, the second time, but where a stranger to love any other. Heaven, sir, so now I know it, is it not too late ...

No. No way, I must find her, though only a slim chance I would like to find her. Right now. If not, I know I will forever live in regret that the infinite torment. I work from home ...

And, I froze again. Where the gate of my house, as Phuong. She was shivering, wet glaze. Even the rain, I still see the tears in her eyes sparkling diamond conference that I still love him dearly. My heart sank, want to break out because you love her. And angry at myself ...

"Originally, I thought forever. We actually ended à. You still do not believe it, can you ... "

I hugged method, do not let her say. I stroked her wet hair, whispered: "I love you. Fault. We go to start offline. "Happy smile breaking the tears on my shoulder.

Thank You, The-Strange. You have helped me grasp the most precious thing in life ...

*** beautiful afternoon. I still loved the sun shines bright like this. How sad it makes for really boring to melt away. I find the West tightened. Warm hand gently put my hand in neat, reliable. She smiled softly, gently.

Suddenly I stopped. As I, A-La. Can not be wrong. She is the corner where, in the bus station. Still he is innocent faces stared ahead. Still soft and light brown hair flying in the wind.

The voice quietly: "Originally, what's wrong?". Her hands shook slightly as I'm concerned. I looked at her, smiling reassurance: "Do not. Suddenly want to go too. Go offline. " Method nodded, face radiant happiness. And I know, I'll keep it forever smile, not an illusion any more.

Suddenly, in a strange moment, he suddenly turned-strange to me. Goggle double surprise. As well then realized something, I smiled to me again.

And this time, I look at you for a smile, cheerful response.

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