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Arts sorry love

One undeniable truth is that stubborn man to apologize . However, he still has their own ways to calm your anger.

1. Borrow a vacuum cleaner instead of words to say

Step into the house (the guy or jointly), you see amazing football clean floors, possible gallstones . How many months, he has turned his home into a battlefield of the pile of dirty clothes, books, magazines thrown haphazard, cans of soft drinks, cake box ... Now he cleans everything neat, tidy, clean. All because you know.

2. Behavior changes

pride of man is as big as a mountain. If the error is not serious, his idiot take down the country. However, a thinking man will slowly adjust behavior, your lifestyle so that one little mistake caused. Beng suppose he forgot your birthday, and was angry for a week. From now on, he will take the time to care about anniversaries. Is not it cute how or why repent?

3. Give me all

Normally, he will compete with you on television every Saturday night to watch football. But if you're in a state of being angry, he is willing to give you a remote to watch movies on weekends.

4. Meaningful arms

According to the survey, the girls really like to apologize for this. You're mumbling cry, or tiny face down, please tell myself: "I have not spoken to you again." Suddenly he hugged you in our arms for a long time. Arms as if to say: "You're spoiled for having made you sad. Do not be angry with him anymore nhé.

5. Gifts

Many boys never show remorse before the eyes of love, or wife, but they hide behind an apology bouquet (your favorite kind) or homemade ice cream cake (although also clumsy). Of course, gifts can not buy forgiveness, but they show your sincerity.

6. He will do everything for you

One of the reasons why men are afraid to apologize to tears. He said simply: "Im sorry!". You will immediately tears, or burst sniffingly sobbed. Not to be caught in that situation, he chose silence (although you will know no mercy blame). Even when you're not, he'll fix the broken items, cooking delicious meals, decorate the house. After that, he would wait for you to discover it and understand that: "I'm trying to do everything for you."

7. Listen

In the debate, we often take time to figure out the opponent's accusations, instead of listening to see what they say. However, when our hearts overflowing with remorse, he would rid pride aside and listen to you. That is because he realizes the truth: "The winner is not as important as becoming a lonely man."

8. Give up their own pleasures

He accepted the coffee away with friends, do not go to football, go home sooner. Such behavior is synonymous with the sentence: "I'm sorry. Excuse me. "

9. What he is saying?

If he whispered to you the question something like: "I'm not mad at you?", "Two children draw their nhé!", "Angry look at your face as her wet cat "... as he was sorry and know.

10. Loving you more

Some guy means to strengthen the loving gesture is a sincere apology. Simply because he thinks that a kiss so amorously or bracelet will relieve severe tightening "bread" of you.

The apology may seem quite risky. If you appear cold or drastic reaction, he would not describe the sadness.

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