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Art of girls - Chapter 2

sequel Saw her art. You see a here .

Lesson 1 - Conduct of being denied
words like is not going to turn out to hate me with the idea of ​​"the kind of person to quit. " Simply because after such refusal, if you know what this is and have the education he or she will take the initiative to call a chicken house for another session. If you do not call for chicken, the chicken continue to call begging will not work much, and the message that you send to the other chickens would be "his time has little value without any , and they just cancel the appointment if you feel comfortable like "

There are different types of refuse is a" bargain ", ie they stay there to go out soon but offered to Other recommendations, such as: "Now you busy, or go to tomorrow." They are usually kind STATEMENTS one of two categories: 1) Prudence, educated, nice, or 2) super players. Both types are hard to find the chicken should generally should also feel a little bit lucky.

But not so the chicken took eagerly receive the offer. In this case, as in the case suggested she call the "Temple" for chickens because of canceled appointments, then the correct response is fun: "Okay, okay, let me call you back later. "

The reason so is because one of the easiest ways to kill the attraction is the availability of the chicken. Often what is new and rare precious. If chicken is always ready to go play with other children, the chickens were naturally lowering your self a lot. Mistakes are not only having chicken, which many players after they saw a girl that was dumped there and also often face, causing a feeling of "boring" for the other one.
Refusing style " normal delay. " Refusal of the monitor script is as follows:

Monday night. Chicken house. Chicken goes on, face tense

Chicken: (muttering) I'm too this beautiful, straight legs and then his death. How do I let it die now, OK? Try calling any view. Nervous too! Hopefully, my children and i also killed.

Chicken lift phone, press press, face pale, panting.

She reports: (rated steel) Hello! I heard!
Chicken: (whining): Yes, I see you have brushed for Height.
Mom Report: Fox not at home. She is someone?
Report (grumpy tone gold strike over the phone): I do something there? (John took the phone, talk sweet) Oh listen to this report aaa!
Chicken: (run railing) fox are not you? What are you doing there? (Self-cup to the head) is that British chicken.
Report: (innocently) I'm watching TV with their parents only. UK chicken has it? Cocks Does not?
Chicken: chicken that one day I just walk by my promiscuous gay just did. (Disappointed face)
Report: Well I chicken industry. I'm sorry, I know more than he should or confused chicken.

(Ga talks nonstop. Across the yawning mouth advertising, listless eyes glanced at the TV)

Report: Oh Really?
Chicken: (to himself) the end of something wrong. (Speaking into phone) o o o ...

(silent for a moment)

Chicken: (a steam inhalation): Fox, this Saturday night I have a plan yet? He wants to invite me to go out there know it?
Report: I also do not know the boy. He invites me to go to his chickens huh?
Chicken: (pause) Maybe we'd done something to eat somewhere drinking water.
Report: I also do not know it was night What is not busy. Come on Friday or Saturday to call you back to me?
There are many comments as chicken without the chicken himself realized, back to the players themselves. This attitude always easy to make chicken is chicken, because chicken tends to themselves or their illusory. The failure will be dumped for objective reasons (eg, "you're challenging yourself") to suit the idea of ​​chicken on myself and about life instead of the true cause.

Lesson 2

So, what is chicken: Chicken is a psychological state is formed from the combination of the lack of confidence, influence of movies and books, the poison of her parents and school (to be advised, they will be listened to parents and teachers love), etc.

symptoms of chicken is:
1) I want to please the girl;
2) Call, email, IM, etc. too much (total all kinds of> 2 times / week) without good reason;
3) Or (> 2 times / year), giving flowers, gifts, etc. daughter;
4) Do not dare criticize her daughter made a mistake when it
5) Lack of control emotions: anger, jealousy, sadness, etc.;
6) Do not know how or do not dare "phase transition" for fear of being "angry";
7) Thinking that he must be "sincere", to "show love", to "conquer the family and friends" the other one, applying tactics "rain", etc.

and so

When STATEMENTS say "I like something" (eg, beer) the correct behavior of chickens is what?

If chickens were also interested in things that they have few ways:
1) so-so: "Well he likes to drink beer there, the next time How he goes, he will invite you "
2) Good:" Yeah, look at me you know I like to drink beer and "then go drink beer at any other one went ới
3) Very good "To invite him to drink beer to atone for abusing his drunk huh?"

If chickens do not like it then do not have to show not like that at all. Can not bring out any benefit for the chickens but are more likely to make the other one penguin inspired. In the case of two people are going to play together but the other one said, the chickens on the calm "I do not like sitting there."

In a little extra: More generally enlightened chicken get to hear statements saying "I like xyz", for it signals require additional shopping and running about. This is a completely false notion. Of course the world has such people, but the experience of these players are up only 1% only. Mistakes are more chickens think they like what they should have a week there a few times (not what the chickens are thinking, but the majority know what they are only interested in only 1-2 times a week .) Examples would you tell it like ice cream every week and invite you to eat chicken cream.

Often when a child said to report on chicken tastes it, then you have several purposes: 1) Share 2) Find common interests (the latter purpose is not very important), and 3) Check the chickens do not have to pay (expressed via the stalk to run to buy). When this is the case should continue talking chicken normal. If the user then has the opportunity to taste it as gifts for other children, but only once.

Lesson 3 - Method of sawing girls chicken Chicken having a child, and would find their phone number. To be here in general is also very hard, but that is not relevant because the story is much to say here should be temporarily ignored. Then apply chicken-term strategy of resistance: call, come home to play, hanging out, flowers, gifts, etc. If the chickens do these things at a level acceptable to ignore the other one for chicken and continue to receive all that devoted to chicken, but it looks thin is not "dumped." If chickens that do little more than the other one will be offended and will in one way or the other for chickens away ". Return chicken box with a bleeding heart.

Talking to children about the other taxi. In the process of resistance, the chicken kick up the other one still does not seem worried at all, still go out with other guys as usual. Chickens but no luck there when the chickens come home to play the other one fell out happily with his friends or other period, while the chicken is in your house to torture my parents. If chicken is tough blow to overcome this situation will continue. But the chicken is not enough patience often react in two ways. Angry chicken that any conflict shall get the obvious from the other one: "What I was his first!" No more than a little chicken chicken then respond by "show love". In both cases the chicken will be provided to the other one is "strong action" and give away ". Roasted chicken on a cell number.

In talking chickens endure. Any other things you throw any old banana on the receiving end of chicken chicken. Chicken muttered: "I love to try this yourself, but, she needs to prove his true love be more." After a long time, if the other one did not catch any players (players are also rare and often picky like they just report so pretty rich medium), while the other chickens had died out, the other one will have a green light signal for chickens: care, attention, hang out more, etc. Happy chickens.

A cool breeze on the moon bar shaking chicken swearing three hours "I love you." The other one bent awkward father-in-law said nothing, so the chicken can be rushed to embrace something. Chicken is my idea, "the" degree "is the other one, but in fact the fate of chickens have been arranged since I started to chicken and green light.

To be officially designated as the" love " Coffee chicken too. This is true happiness is unimaginable. As incredible chicken should remain after payment of slip dear. This fear led to chickens in one of two directions. The first direction is to increase gallantry, to pick up on, call told yes. The second is jealous, paternalistic. If chickens are kept this fear to a degree not excessive, then the other one will try to endure, they will get together and continue to tolerate each other until they no longer bear it. If the limit is too chicken to love or marriage (if two people managed to get together - this will occur soon because hackers tongue when the other one had blood in general is getting married then) will vanish. Chicken back into a box.

Well now talk about the logic of the chicken. Chicken is usually thought I was the form, strictly family, have jobs, lustrous future. Moreover his sincere dedication to you the other spoiled, excluding weekends and rainy night, what you need is your presence immediately. Yet I saw no dump forever. You go boy infatuation a treat me nothing, even not even love you always. Then turn the chicken to think badly of her daughter. Chicken extremists have also sought "revenge".

What about the logic of statements about? If the thinking style of the whole chicken is a girl doing the absurd, there is no any logic at all. Actually assume that the employment of logic statements are even more logic is very different. There is logic that is more complex logic of chicken, and it also has two parts. The floats are the thoughts directly, sort of is this: He meant well with their chickens, he too, the conditions are also ideal. I should have asked his new right. But I just do not understand why you felt, grateful and afraid I can not see anything charm. Also, the guy over there, do not treat yourself with a chicken, but I do not know why I remember it just goes crazy.

The main part of the logic of the report occurs in the subconscious (ie when the defendant is not know I was thinking that). This is the result of millions of years of evolution, in which each individual seeks collaboration with individuals with the best genes to increase the viability and growth of their offspring. The logic of this section is: "Why do chickens have to try to get my heart that? Is there a downside because there should be no big deal really saw was the new girl living dead out of money and effort to follow their pursuit. But the other guy, it just prance good genes should be expected to run as many girls, whether or not it is also necessary because the available ball girl too. I have to account for how new it is. "

Why should not" show love "

The chicken was intrigued by two modes: On and Off. Chicken which has just met you are ready to launch a little "love" you know immediately. Meanwhile, feel the attraction of her daughter was very slowly and has many phases. In addition to the stage like going out, touching, holding hands, kissing, hugging, caressing, etc. it also draws a lot of intermediate stage in the middle anymore. Otherwise only two chickens emotional level is 0% and 100%, while the report contains all the constant level from 0% to 100%.

Chicken does not understand the mechanism "slowly" should think you need to "show love" to determine the other one is "love" her. Placing this issue does not match the logic of the report should have chicken often respond by saying it is difficult to understand or do not have answers

We will discuss a very important part Please note: Action instead of saying "I love you"

I reiterate with your chicken is the only theory taught here for a love that comes from the heart ... If no, it will become the tricks, but tricks in front after what love is also revealed and can not survive long ...

When the Chickens getting a certain child, I found a pretty nice jump into the familiar, phone number, appointment to the movies, generally do ... all to be near the fox, the chicken then try to express their emotions by sentence "I love you" ... and then waiting to see how people react ....

The chicken did not know that most species of fox is the instinct for self-defense, embarrassed, when The fox heard this saying, but in my heart I feel like it just like it, then refused to return .... chicken cages in a state of heart broken, with the club-the chicken will give up the game, and if the patient will continue to advance and wait. However, if the offensive continued, both the chicken and the fox will fall into a shy, shy and not as natural as before, if there is nothing new, just the chicken will remain "a friend or a brother Defendant's only "

's mistake is that the chicken, the uncle was not grasp the victory, just like like that rush only show love. Instead of saying "I love you", always in the Report, caring, sharing happy sad, Fox gave the green light for the chicken and then, a moment to yourself and Fox will understand ....

Most of the chickens when the reports often feel compelled to do so to please them at all costs . Usually, this means that the chickens always agree and follow the wishes of every other one that ignored the will of itself. Chickens given reason to include measures for this action is because I "love" the other children too should be "way" I í. Chicken is actually afraid of annoying the other children should do so safely.

While the talks as well. Chickens for fear they will anger should choose safe topics, for example, today I eat rice with something, my parents are you, today you are a few points, I like films / series / flower, etc. Add to that the chickens always agree with the views of other children but rarely dare to oppose anything.

Tactical problem for "safety" of the chicken is that the other one will quickly fed chicken because chicken is not to speak as you already know what to say chicken. Moreover, with this strategy, the story of the chicken will very quickly go into impasse. This is why many complain that the chicken "all things to say" and "her little talk" (new message received: now say little girl is born).

Also few realized the chicken is almost certain bankruptcy of tactical "safety" is. Heard people say the chickens are "sometimes or often quarreled strength" to try to reverse, temporarily called the tactic "resistance." Chicken trying to oppose and condemn the other children and always get lost trying to eat with other children. Outcomes of this project is the other one is too tired to go with chicken chicken always tension and byebye

How to ask the hard questions
Sometimes chickens you get used to a very impressive. Because the chicken so the chicken head Sprawl questions. I wonder chicken out there who love yet, you still "gin" does not, I had what may be criminal, before surgery, you do not have a son, etc. Just because the chicken so the chickens can not ask directly. Chickens are afraid to ask the other one miffed, sometimes not even bat but again played with chickens. So think of enough chicken to learn how to actually indented, eg as suggested hinted hope the other one missed the mouth or disclosure is best expressed with sincerity chicken. Worse, there are notes super chicken thief trying to read messages in the phone, email, password stealers, monitoring, etc.

So, how to understand the issues, "sensitive" What is it? First of all chickens to determine if your answers will affect your children like. Examples would issue me a boyfriend yet. If you have a boyfriend, including chickens and also broke into the suicide is really the question of the chicken is meaningless, so do not ask. If that issue important to the chicken then the best way is to ask directly, eg: "I agree I do not like to have a boyfriend, so I'd know I have a boyfriend so you do not even waste your time my brother. " If you said "I have a boyfriend rùi" the bird continued, "OK, then we'd do you good."

Society and she slipped into first report of the statements which they thought he so-called ... dang.Nhat main defense is familiar with this new report shows more clearly. So do not ever ask a question like "yes and no" like "tonight you can spare no" answers to these questions is usually 99% "no." Defense reaction in the report will rise and report that "Well, this chicken does not know what to do with his conspiracy here before know to be careful that any more," reports could even think " I think this chicken very strong public and professional. " So even though there is idle matter, the chickens also loads in a model answer for you, you kind of busy ... no time to go with chicken. Questioning is used to report new question types A or B selection, and memory is the answer that you want to report is accepted after that is the answer B. Ask a question that is "Baby, I'm going to drink coffee on the 6th or 7th," No. 7 is the answer you want-just remember to take it. The cause of this phenomenon is when you ask questions you have broken Washington, DC The report defended the right, the problem is not the time or not, free or not that is going to drink coffee on the 6 th or 7 th only. it loads immediately report the question is governed by two options and often choose the latter statement. Not natural that such statements vay.Cai choose what also causes its own report and chicken but an older kids, so how to bring the still slightly immature. Chickens have now when a child age 3 and try to ask him a question "I like my father or mother"'ll get the answer, but if she is asked is "I like my mother or father," then the answer is announced . Because A case brought before the meeting so its image is not the answer deep in a part as well as B and B answers it in the last sentence should echo forever in the
It is best to call to report for a meeting would cause embarrassment to the report because some may think the new ads have already invited her to go out then they go right .... lose value too. So please use your phone and memory is just 30''''for this call only. took a deep breath and smiled, "Alo, he is, a few days not met you, I got busy right" did not respect the report and then "Do I go to drink coffee in the evening of 6 th or 7 th," used to his words are very or North Asia. of course, is No. 7 and then select the report (the problem is you have to know exactly how bad day for free advertising on my responses such as B-7). Do not say that just going "I pick you up at 7 or 8" is just 8 Second, make sure you also select í s 8. "That's all, see you later." Have done so as Add new travel report. Report this as well is shocking not sure why I agreed to strangers anymore.
Choose a place a little brighter it is best to throw light on him and beat a little winter fun, avoid places little dark past again. For there are many things to say. Have to report a good first impression. walked in, pulled a chair to reports, the cold season if he reports a jacket please help em.Va Address avoid sitting down in front of them with ads, do not sit next best is to sit at right angles (which will be better position). Staff report that they choose to drink while waiting for drinks before the examination must have a sentence or j `ho into sort of like" I just think I'm cute but not very pretty to be true .... they "make undiminished at this baby off and drink. Beginning of the story only. This option only at the doctor because every child is different, different departments likes better is "talking about what she likes" and not say anything you want. should talk with humorous style fun, please insert into stories, humorous comments about the scene, about the past again .... Listening when she said, should then ask questions or extend de.Trong voice should express concern and to say so "is not important what you tell her what you feel say how ".... How often are on, you then about 1 hour. The first time was enough, the next time it's different things. Brought about, coming back home, the phone thanked me go with him, he had a very fun night hope you too. that's all''short''and then hung up.
The first meeting next week with No. 2 is medium, the week was to minimize call email, chat with the report. about 5.6 day old thoi.Co appointment by the second time he offered to go pick a flower or the second? "Gave me occasion he first met you again DC"

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