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Art of girls - Chapter 1

Presenting introductory experiences girl's art: D. The doctor is reading for fun nha.Day 1 of 2 parts, you click here to see part two.
Lesson 1 - Chicken and Reports

Brothers ordinary men divided into two main categories: chicken and CAO THU.
Cao player is no need to say much then, GA is the object most of you men (I'm also the type of chicken, too much).

But the beautiful women, usually of three types: high, and the remaining SOI. REPORT sisters are normal, you worthwhile CHICKEN conquer, to boil the crazy, high on the thread would hand a head and a field experience situation, the rest of the chicken little attention.

Remember, REPORT and exciting like "eat" dead chicken is always at the time, but how to eat chicken meat are reports

One of the situations where the Grower is common focus is how emotional progression from "friendship" to "like like" and to "love." Common mistakes are:

1) show love: There is a common perception in society is the son to say "I love you." When chickens are also struggling because of concerns about the timing and location to say that three hours, and paying almost no time I find the appropriate location. The reason is simple: Because there spring time, any place is appropriate to say that both sentences. The sentence for those two have been together for a long time, have spent quite a bit of wind waves, enough for them to determine exactly what "love".

2) Hunting welcome , spoiled: A mistake is stalking beside his daughter to see what you want to eat, drink anything, I go shopping, go anywhere he wanted to give, in general that meets all her demands. This is a mistake to confuse cause and effect: The lovers are ready to welcome another spoiled, spoiled but sought will not lead to love. More sought over would make the girl is thinking: I feel people do not deserve me I am supposed to compensate by spoiled children.

3) spending more money , breeze of: As above. The message of this action is: People I spring out what I am supposed to take the wealth out to entice you.

Where to go?
One The biggest problem encountered when chicken or get used to a new you is: How to invite children to play, and when ru going then go, what to do? In the minds of chicken that always have to do something really special, new romantic, she "touched" and would "love" her. However, for chickens, which are "special" and "romantic" usually fall into one of the following: watching movies, dining, music, etc., things that generally are: 1) cost money; 2 ) long, 3) who also made no known as "special" at all; and 4) only once, if repeated would be extremely boring.

Objectives chicken house when dropping their daughters (they state it) is how to go out there next time and again several times after "her" (tell the truth: the note should give the word go if the want to have this opportunity) I eagerly wait to call hanging out. To do this, then it is best to invite fun bustling place: shops, business center (with the purchase money, not the view), Mini Toad, frozen coffees, etc. Example: A beautiful evening sky, calling for reports, told: "You go there to drink coffee, I sat talking to him for fun." Or when the chickens go to buy such a shirt, then call the report, security was "tearing his shirt off, I'm shopping here, you choose to go with him." The key is to create impressive to me was: "You go do your work, because I like you so you me to go along. If you do not go then you will die because of loss of a happy occasion, while he is still go as often. "

reason to choose the place is bustling fun: In that place crowded, there are many events happening, so many funny stories to tell. For example, drinking coffee, you can get people to go out to shop or people crossing the street to jokes, or when you go shopping you can bring the kind of clothes to tease bizarre (eg, "You think I'm wearing The other shirt is sure it is beautiful "), etc.

Say what?

Subject should say, those people, famous people, acquaintances generally (but not too friendly with both people), and the girl. But most important is humor and self-confidence. One example is taking a little something funny, slightly odd, slightly absurd or out of a person, zoom in, and then analyzed (of course also be funny)

Lesson 2 - The milestone in flirting
In the course of flirting with the mold that chickens need to be overcome. If you do not pass a certain milestone, the inevitable result is the other one will feel bored. Milestones are:

1. Getting to know (speaking first)
2. Get phone number
3. Ru going out
4. First touch
5. Hand
6. Married, 1st base
7. Hugging, stroking (gently), 2nd base
8. Hugging, caressing (critical), 3rd base
9. 4th phase ... (This is terrible)

framework of this topic would only allow discussion to mark the needle 7 is the script, how to pass the next milestone will have to infer chicken . General principles of the mold is also similar. The trick is mainly to be natural, not reluctantly, removed, advanced a step back a few steps back, relaxed rhythm as dance tango.

Start by hanging them away at a where fun and exciting and fun story (as mentioned in some previous post), then invites me to go to another place is bustling fun to play. For example: if you're shopping, you can go to drink coffee, sitting drinking coffee, it can play games, billiard, etc. While walking, if you encounter an unusual situation, such as crossing the street, into the elevator, through narrow or crowded places, etc. then grabbed her hand and pulled slightly to take over that spot. When passed, hold hands for a few seconds then let go of his hand. This principle is a step forward a few steps back. After a time, again reached out to grab my hand, led to a period (longer than a while ago), then let go again. The next time this is best to choose the spot opposite the first, ie no special reason at all.

Also, the longer the better methods to raise her daughter as the fist : watch only the hands, magic, how to play billiards, got lost, hit electronics. Higher self-awareness that makes me his fist before, but since all this was so long and so the next time.

If the chicken that you withdraw the hand, how?
If the chicken that you withdraw the hand, how?

When the chicken or perform fist pass a certain landmark, will sometimes encounter against the fox. In cases like chicken in general is difficult and often feel slightly embarrassed because the name of. High resistance is generally quite complex and often by one of the following reasons:

1) Have unexpected natural reflex;
2) Fear "too fast", fear of being "reckless" and generally the moral values ​​that parents and society in early cramming;
3) Chicken frail, it hastily;
4) No in love with chicken;

I'll definitely have to ask: What about how to distinguish between the cases, when they withdrew to their hands, and when not? To do this, then action should phaikien the chicken but not violence. For example, when you need to hand hold as you start your colleagues or clients, for example, prevent the child has drawn a mild slipped out, but not close enough to them to withdraw the new wave hand. Moreover, the motion must be humble and not lie in wait lie in wait as fast as the cat grabbed the mouse. The best way is two go hand in hand, into almost a little chicken and then put his hand to grip. If the number of years, it can slip behind about 1 / 3 steps, then move on, grabbed my hands from behind.

He also said that chicken is the most common method trick is to see a girl holding hands pointing. But while other players do this very easily, the chicken can not do. Chickens usually do not know how to address the problem. The chicken violent than when the proposal "I see where he put his hand pointing to" re-experiencing the cold reaction from the enemy. Because the intent of the chicken too conspicuous, so they immediately retracted the hands of (insert in your pockets), then shook his head lia lia: "Oh Yeah".

The trick is to make how to make natural, as it is a game, do not put heavy things are successful or not. Chickens could be such an enemy force for the future character or something odd that's funny, sort of like "I guess you can later have 12 children, all the ducks well" or " I'm sure this looked like a fight too. " If I close contention, the chicken stock to the insurance excess will be "to prove, you know I see" He puts his hand take my hand. If you encounter any more players, make the "right and know" the chickens will have to intensify, added 1-2 more questions and said to him as "see also pointed out many things or more." Remember all the funny stories have, the more absurd the better.

Lesson 3 - Kiss

Now is the vitally : The marriage
There are two types of implementation first kiss: type slowly and type of surprise. Suddenly, the chicken or the type referred to but difficult to implement because the need for more subjective factors. Often the new players perform this type, but I'm here to raise the chickens you see.

To marry the daughter of a sudden they make from start to finish to perfection to the smallest detail. Action, eye contact, smile, breath, etc., must be extremely accurate. The steps include:

To kiss was a surprise REPORT it done from start to finish to perfection to the smallest detail. Action, eye contact, smile, breath, etc., must be extremely accurate. The steps include:

1) Pull me closer. The best way to do this is when two people are holding hands walking, slow down a chicken my bit to advance forward. Then chicken stand, pull the other one a (definitely remember but do not pull too hard it's not broken hand) that she will naturally fall into the arms of the chicken.

2) One hand supports the back, hand and hug or hold you, so close to my own people. The best bit for me is to have leaned back a little.

3) Look into the eyes, stopped from 1-2 seconds. This step is extremely important

4) Marriage tight little mouth get by on my lips , remember that no tongue

5) Hold for 3-5 seconds again finished first active virus , look into my eyes once more, then let go. Keep going / talking like nothing had happened.

6) Remember that during a sentence without being told anything.

The steps 4-6 are common to the two methods. Remember that just as the hand, uphold the second between too, do not unwillingly, to drop out and try other styles.

Today the issue of marriage for the chicken hearted girl

(Note: If the chicken does not shy away, then quit despite being married, having taken it away again it will eventually have to take 1 of 2 fate: 1) abandoned; or 2) live in cramped frustrating nag's home life is unhappy. Want to be shy, they must say to myself: I will not make a driver / assistant / ATM / doctor psychological / puppy / etc daughter's. Repeated 10 times. If necessary, copy the questions it 100 times in the play)

If chicken is not experienced enough to be able to marry should suddenly make way more slowly. Recalling to mind is the uncle to undergo the first stage and then, to these two phases can optionally hold hands awkwardly without shame. Review the previous lesson.

Location of the case than it is in a quiet place, quiet (but do not be too dark deserted. Wait until the conversation fell into a period then quietly put his hand stroked my hair ends. If interested improvise say "your hair is smooth," then stroked the hair (NOTE: if your hair is bamboo roots, do not say that. But if your hair is bamboo roots, the character of this child must be extremely stable, otherwise the comment is approved so you wasted how many years of his experience)

stroked his little ponytail then stroked a little higher up, from around the neck or lower (NOTE: do not apply to you shaved / hui's / demi-garcon / etc.) Meanwhile, look into my eyes, lips and looked down. Absolute: do not tell, do not laugh no shake, no panting, no tears, do not show love, not at all. Just look calm, that's all. If you do not turn away, then that is ready to be turned over if roi.Con mischievous smile, the face (mirror set) and back to holding hands, talking, another time (or next) try again (try again how it is homework, chickens must come up with the same method free). The marriage is just as unexpected marriage, ie:

1) Slowly close the lips. No need to hug or anything. One hand (to smooth his hair) tì light up my head (not pulling), on the other hand to my waist or holding hands.

2) Shut tightly on my lips, sucking gently ( absolutely no tongue, no sucking up a little bit

3) Hold for 3-5 seconds and release

4) Stop, look at me and then 2-3 seconds Left holding hands, talking to (step 4 may not be fully implemented, because the chicken has just opened the mine had been talking to children who come to kiss your mouth shut then)

False The most common mistake, which is most severe, the chicken is in the process of sawing away the confusion between cause and effect. Due to the poison of society, especially through movies and books, so often the chicken did not recognize the underlying causes of the failure of their own and constantly repeat the mistake not learned lessons at all.

Another reason that chicken or make mistakes because of lack of critical reception of the selection of highly experienced players. The director said that chicken does not learn from other players, though there are chickens following players for years, hundreds of relatives experiencing fierce battle, but still do not grasp the essence of the problem . Although many players willing to share their knowledge with chicken, but it is unfortunate that most players do not really understand his methods, but only succeeded due to the lessons talents jamming more is to create the (climate) effects real. That is not to mention all kinds of fake players, the idea looks very high martial arts, but in reality only a buffalo to scrape it away and start driving manipulate plowing only. All these factors make chicken like us in the fog: confusion, fear, and disorientation.

What is the confusion between cause and effect? In movies as in real life stories, often heard of the chicken act romantic splendor of the main male character at the climax of the script, such as running in the rain to her door to give a rose, through the mountains and oceans to come to love, to sell off assets to buy her expensive jewelry, etc. [Sniffingly, tears tears].

These actions often do not work, especially with the chicken are flirting, because it sent a message that STATEMENTS "He felt he was not worthy of you. The people were so sure of his appeal and not enough attractive to me I am supposed to think of the tactics that they may see and pity the guy." In fact, even for couples in love, the act of "romantic" type movies also often leads to feeling pity on the girl, and if done repeatedly be counterproductive.

Also thought the actions that chicken is great, the romance usually has been done many times by so many people. If the girl saw that chicken is kind of pretty and pleasant character, the great probability that any action romance that made chickens have also undertaken to try to conquer the girl and then . Maybe they do not need to remind everyone to understand that the girl will think: "Another guy too Sen father to use his tricks to manipulate it, too tired to go away."

Even romantic behavior of chickens make REPORT (often inexperienced) when moving the shock was too high to think: "What is like there, but whether this guy will repeat his actions how many times? "

Lesson 4: What to do after being rejected?

Refusing here is not rejected when the chicken said," I love you ". This sentence is said absolutely not, unless it's promiscuous daughter say "I love you" 3-4 times and not for the chicken if not say "I love you." Reject

is rejected when chickens phone call told to go out together. If done by the method of hanging chickens REPORT trip that I have described previously denied the ability to be reduced, but not no more.

REPORT has refused several types of copies. One is a blunt style. This kind of mild form, e.g. "You busy then," I do not want to leave the house ", or" I am tired ", as the swirling" I have an appointment and then "or" I have you come home. " To reject this kind of treatment is simple: 1) "Yeah, mild"; 2) hung up. No "only going to help you stay tired" or "I wish you happy to go out with" nothing. Not be pleaded as "sad he sat alone, I tried this out with him one time only."

It is very important for this case is not to reject the image psychological effects. Some chickens have a very negative reaction "only then to quit." This is a very wrong mentality, though in form it looks very powerful man, but really just a guise to conceal the weakness inside only.

When the chickens that invites a friend, if you're not going to be the chicken was not upset and the next time that person is hanging out next. So why not invite anger when a person you just met? This anger is just shows a little chicken with my friends, too little interest to the extent that the fun of the chicken depends entirely on the woman that she refused to play along or not. For despair is so often the daughter is usually very sensitive and will feel. It will reinforce the decision not to go out with her chickens.

A method very often refuse to use the REPORT is rejected at the last minute. After agreeing to go out with chickens, then, about 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the appointment REPORT will call me chicken is not going to be reported. The reason they want the state of things, but most common are two types: 1) "Assembly invite my friends to go out tonight", and 2) related to the family, eg: "I have guests home," "I must brought my mother to go and there ", etc.

The response in this case as in the previous case, ie always with a bye and hung up sentences. However, subsequent treatment in this case is different. Unless the reason they give is "sick mother to hospital," "my house burned," or "I fell down on the stairs, and chicken is verified true reason, if you refuse this type chickens ABSOLUTELY NOT CALL this my invite to go out again.

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