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Art of forgiveness

A man who is always awake at night, because a dream repeated itself. He found himself swimming in a lake, good swimming as an athlete.
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However, very large lake which limbs he is tired, he could hardly swim to the shore. Suddenly, his father rowing closer, put his hand, told him to stick to. He remembers as a child often the network of mines, even beaten, so dry smile and said, "Thanks Dad, on the shelf."

He swam on, trying desperately towards the shore. Then he saw another boat approached. It was her sister. Sister threw a pontoon toward him and said: "I used float away." But recall the many times her sister proud rebellious exteriors blend his controversial comments, he shook his head and waves his hand.

After great effort, at last he was also on the coast. He lay things out on the wet sand, the fatigue as the brain becomes confused, and limbs are not moving well. A crowd gathered around him. He was the face familiar. It is the family, relatives and friends of his. Who wants to take him to the hospital, they want to fire people who want to get the clothes dry and clean towel for him ... But just as every person to do something, he will recall that when people do not treat her well. And "No thanks!" - He said - "Just my shelf." Forced him to stand up, wet clothes, covered with sand, tired legs, tired crowd away.

After repeatedly dreamed that dream a few nights, he went to ask her, the only one who has never done anything bad to him, and whom he believes will never do anything bad to me at all.

- she knew not the meaning of dreams - he told her - but she thinks she is holding the head too many angry and vicious.

- Angry U? Vicious U? Can not be! - He exclaimed - If so, you must feel rather!

She sat by him and calmly replied:

- The efforts of you and the lake water in the dream is what I'm trying to mind grandchildren. I need help, I'd be interested, but I see no one good enough for me to believe. I had to swim to shore once, but other times, why? Forgiveness is not what we do for others, that we do for ourselves, sir. Because when we do not forgive, we have built in your mind the frustration and anger is growing there?

There is a saying this: "You are not a perfect person, so you can also make mistakes. If you forgive the mistakes of others to you, you will also be others forgive your mistakes. "

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