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Art of flirting

You love him and you to the feelings of two people on the development of friendship. But he was very calm, but you just like sitting on the fire, you did not know where to start. So here are some tips for you.

1. When she met him, always smile on the lips. However, it must be smiling at the right time, right place and be natural.

2. Do not think to change myself to someone like form that is ideal for you. Let the boys love you not because you like the first girlfriend of his, or because you like a certain movie star. The most simple reason he is attracted to the person you are.

3. If you're not very confident with their appearance, do not show a passive and silent as he stood at the grain when. You certainly have to impress him with stories of humor, with gentle words, or simply to look sharp and smart about your problem.

4. If you really love with a certain guy, do not hesitate to take initiative the green light. Only thing to be successful you need a smart and tactical acumen.
If you are between the two is still too little opportunity for exposure, do not burn period. The best way is to find common interests, the work both interesting, as well as learn the habits of the two of you together to easily understand and sympathize.

5. If he is very good at a certain field, then it is best that you are interested in that field, if she could ask students to do less of him. Men always want women who are admired and admiration.

6. Do not rush to show, first as a true friend of his. Let him get used to the presence of a lovely girlfriend and do not give him any pressure or obligation at all.

7. Look to the mutual friend of both and ask them to "liaison" for you. This person will provide you with a variety of important information about him, or organize the fun to help you both have access and talk. This is a really nice friend and reliable, to prevent sending bad eggs.

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