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The appeal of "bad girls"

"The" damage "a girl to do most is to meet men every night of the week. But thus she becomes a woman can bring us moments of fun ... "
" ... What happens next? The men will come to see her from the 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock on the 30th. If he were to feel free and comfortable at any meeting is nothing more pleasant. She is a confidant. " - One of telling men's magazine readers iVillage.

Last in the center of this, the girls can see very interesting ideas, useful for her in another look at the concept of woman attractive to men:

- Men are the same popular "ken" . When buying a car every poison, they feel like very special (nothing more fun driving a car model that people own it counted on the fingers!). They like to fight, and win. In the conquest of women, too. An easygoing girl who will not "scratch" floating on the warlike, aggressive guy. And if she begins to appear docile, do not own opinions, always agree with everything he says, he will be bored.

- A woman who does not management should now run by his other half . 3 If you rummaging around to find him (you sure he is he can drink there), then you "devaluation" Sure. Want to belong to man alone, let him go out and you, not vice versa.

- My fiance was the first woman to be able to "diamonds " me. She frequently reminds me to remember: "Hey, no one ordered him to remain in nothing. If I try to provoke, to hear how well she barely said: "To me, saving time and energy you very much. Do not do that monkey business with me, because I did not matter where. " I know that if I caught "cat mouse" with any Arab, she would not hesitate to give me a pan to the head. She is the person I most respect, above all women I ever met.

- If people can be summarized in just one sentence you say it, he will be tired of you .

- A woman should not say: "Do not call me enough
", "I never say I love you." You know, the most valuable asset is its hard to understand, difficult to guess? He was never allowed to understand who you are. If he always knows the next thing you will do is, you can not hold him anymore. Simply because he has to go find another woman he can not control the dead.

- A woman should not even hinted household words on marriage , even just jokes. "If you kiss me, I am going to marry you" - and that any time you tell him that question? You really want to get married? Do not throw at least a desire to face him like that. Doing so will cause the opposite effect - not only about the wedding is far away that even people who love you no where.

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