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Any answers for you

These days it is so hard for me, the weekend was winded, very lonely night. Since love Minh until we think bad about each other very poor children Minh is also comfortable because the relationship has uprooted hatred of two years ago.

I do not two years that was not it? The day you know about yourself, the day when we say "I love stars so close that the star where the first ever live like this? Twice loved Minh Minh Um twice that poured into my ear all the things that I thought there was something magical in thegioi today, to love me more then twice, three times ... then after a thousand times love Minh nhau.Em away forever had a beautiful love with HCM, this time I really can not think that I could hand in hand together like to roixa together again. Why you should not Minh? Me wrong, I hold it all in powder, this age is supposed to be really realistic but!

But I did for relatives, friends and even myself lost a trust. I'll always be right for all aspects, even the love of the Ming and misconceptions that they stretch, they also tried to confront the ones to protect the happiness aovong where Minh. Now that everything has returned to the same Minh, right? How is it tomorrow? But if tomorrow is sure to meet one more time I would say that they fear Minh Minh than the love for you, because what he is most anxious for a time and I remember I had to wait through doi.Hom alcohol, drink say they want to be calling his name in the men say.

But I did not do it because I can not say, man I no longer acceptable nor alcohol can accept a hopeless longing for him. Proving that you crave that feeling did not say to what extent? Like want to love you more but can not ... I know I was wrong, you're wrong. I was wrong to love you even more wrong than to accept love with love where they receive treatment. But Minh Oh, what I most conscious now that I do not know why I can come to you in quite the time do not touch or by the love between Minh Phuong ended so suddenly or so they suddenly remember you? What if he suddenly remembered where it really is not, or just mistaken as love they have for you? I still remember the day in HCM to get back to you, a warm spring day not Minh?

The day I waited over a year net, so just apologize, apologize for something over a year ago. A year ago I cheated on my life with Minh. Just because you do not believe love can form a gap between the virtual world, the world of new technology. But I was wrong, I love Minh well by then, more and more afraid of losing you, do you try to hook with an invisible string of physical and Minh have accepted it. But I'm not wrong, only what I do not really pleased with them, I do not love you as you love me, and I never accept my love, but only saw the light and more hope that my drawings created to hook the love in the City. Until now, everything was made clear right away Minh? I come back to reality and the raw form of HCM is a real person.

It's as yourself to tell her about sex, life stories, stories of love, stories of faith, for people's stories, stories of the Ming and last love children. The pain of the past how they can do in real pain! Yet nodding Minh Oh! Pain can not live anymore, because all such was the fate Minh trampling the matter. I just hope time will book everything, erase all. In pain you drifted off to a deep sleep to coma and not awake. Someday, so long as the pain has passed. I want my life to live so that's probably not a little sorrow, regret, painful ... all is ephemeral, sand and dust. But the last I ever do that? One year, two years ... or ten thousand days you can do that?

I certainly have to do is to someday meet again Minh's just a friend, a child people. In the depths of the heart, the sadness is not fun when you know you're happy, there is also the happiness of children, who simply love Minh ah.Bon day for a lifetime, whether the Minh is not short? But it has left me lots of happiness and it is the experience of living next page the next day ... you love! Let me always said affectionately call him, let me be there forever Minh City, this meeting was called last.

how giocon Maybe not like that anymore, when I see you again after everything will be different, so much! I accept it as an accepted truth can not be changed, and I will forever remember and pay homage to what has been happy over the four days, four days to be with him for a lifetime where you write on the em.Khi this line, maybe I was immersed in warm sleep, wake up tomorrow I want to see me smile Minh, mimcuoi with my soul, my love and I finally relaxed. Once accidental or intentional, but he will be surfing the Web khocviem.Org children in it. I know he did not like it when he did not like but I just wanted one last time that I go like this once only, please read it you very much! But right bye! When all are together, they must say goodbye, but!

Goodbye anh.Tp. His calculation 29/03/09Kho

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