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And so we love each other

night, suddenly heard the" Gift of music "on the radio. Although many times heard the song "And so we fall in love", but then the lyrics are really strange, as if the author wrote for her, as he I?
On it was a girl I just wasting group and shy in his eyes, so that he was treated very good with children. But not my own, but with all the girls in the group. Upon this discovery, my only laugh, that's not a special for his own children ...
days he took him to introduce his girlfriend, I do not know his feelings in How. Ư so down? Not true. Suffering? Nor. What you have is his first. Just do not feel you beside me, because he has a special children.

I avoid him as shirking his own, I do not accept. But you have to accept reality or not, he also had one, my only wish you happiness only.

These little outings away, and disappeared, he was swept away by somebody ... Until one day, I received his message and it crashes. Indifferent children, not happy, nor sad, as if "people to go ..."
Then I was attracted to the rotation of work and love yourself. I do not have time to find love for you anymore.
A 21-year-old boy she started working, so avoid stumble into their lives. I remember the first time, the times I cried in front of him. My heart broke into pieces the night of that day. He did not put the shoulder to me like the other guy, but he put his warm hand on your shoulder. Just like that, he gave me confidence and courage, helps me stand up, move on.

I cry Every time he came to the very gentle
Every time I sing He smiled lovingly to the
And he came to me when the tears you let me

believe you came, gently told me to go ahead. Just me happy, though he is not happy, I still support them. But darling, I'm afraid we lost each other again.
I do not love their tightly packed in a box, lock, padlock and threw her hand away. On the bustling street life, will you find it does not he?
On the day I go to the side gently, gently on this, our lightweight wool together.
Every time I see him so great at such times
I see your heart troubled
And I was, but while he was shy
You gave me love
And I have loved each other like
Then he gently Step into my heart. And now we are together walk. Wind I want this song to a private two sentences he said
Despite difficult times we were together
I will forever love forever

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