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And he loves you not?

You're flying with the relationship of his great, even the two you already have the bold step than those kisses and holding hands ... But you still do not know that there is really love or just a momentary feeling. You never know what is strange in the sense that the emotions of love or simply bring a lunch because you have a problem. Fortunately, Lovingyou know how you can tell, he really loves you or not?

Agree that you two are great friends of each other, you laugh with him more than anyone you know, people agree that it makes you feel better than anyone else familiar; two of you even remember all the things of another example of favorite foods, where the other person wants to travel this summer, or why their views on certain issues, or they like a close friend how ... But all these things are not sufficient to conclude that the two of you have asked. Before concluding try to observe the signs in both friend:

He :

- Put your name in his list with a special name (This is just a little note that you notice immediately)

- Tell your parents and his family.

- Planning the future both near and distant future for you two.

- Share with you the secrets of men or the long cherished dream of the guy

- Anxious to think about how to impress your friends with

- To immediately when you say you need his presence.

- Try to do everything to make you feel comfortable and you release stress when you are tired (for example surprise you with a romantic dinner under candle light, foot massage or ask you about your work today).

- Always interested in understanding and feeling your feelings, your actions do. For example, after your first massage for him, he also wants you to get comfortable when he massaged you or after you both finished eating, he received the washing up for you ...

You have to think about the house and the kids ...?

You have:

- Share your feelings, the freeze your guy

- How many small daily work to prove to him, you think about him all the time.

- Think future romantic with him: the wedding, the couple's kids, on trips with him to the heavens and earth ...

- favorite joke with him

- chatting with her favorite guy, especially the "porridge phone" with her.

- Always attention to emotion, said, thinking of him as the proposal to pay for dinner , or to book or watch football games is something that you know he likes, or simply like to cook food for him ...

- more attention to the life of man, like to ask about the past, present and future of man.

- Like him close.

your feeling at the moment is ...

- Eager, expected, not a comfortable relaxing

- Vulnerability, not strong like before

- Feel yourself to be in front when he

- Always remember the opponent, even when he was at his side.

- Always excited to meet, talk to them, play with them and ... kiss them.

- Always thinking of the general plan of the two.

- How romantic things that you previously thought you would not now do that.

The signs that it was not love

- He neglected or cancel your regular appointments

- Both you and he do not care whether you meet the opposite sex and others are conducting meetings of the opposite sex than their partners.

- See that the thought of the future of two people is too rapid.

- Feeling his losses when compared to others. ...

Tips to identify your true feelings ...

- If you're still not sure about her feelings for him and the guy with her, spend time time to "comparison" between his feelings for her with a guy and you know that you really have very strong feelings with them. In other words, compare the current feeling with the feeling that you have with your ex, for example.

- Look out for a bit to the way that he treats with friends and family , partners or relatives and colleagues of the men, even with strangers. This is the best way to see in the future, a long time the two of you together, then he will treat you and how to recognize the true nature of man.

- Ask yourself how much you know things about him and how much he knew and understood about you?

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