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Although he is not the father

Back then I was just 6 years old boy living with his parents in Los Angeles. My father was a teacher, he taught literature at a high school .

One afternoon his back, face full of sorrow. Sitting at the table said he did not get a sentence, said her choice question: "In case something happens you?". Mused a while, he softly replied, "You're David in class he was arrested for carrying cocaine in the past ... it is a good boy, why cut down so now ...".
Jealousy because other people share my feelings should have uttered a sentence that now I still recall the shame: "He's not a child of the father upset that Daddy?". He turned to look at me, eyes very seriously: "Do not say so ... helpless father for not doing their roles well, good things from the word literally impart to students announced did not work ...".

Then his voice deep down like saying to yourself: "David is not her mother, her father worked overseas, so I occasionally visit, it lacks compassion ... This year the last school year, no guarantees, it risks losing ...". The next morning, when I woke up he was gone. Mom said, "Daddy to the police station."

Five years later his father was a traffic accident, leaving him without a word of concern sun. During his funeral a strange young man wearing dark suits polite. Condolences and said he introduced himself to her, "You are David, former student of master George, I recently flew from New York." I also know David laude and MIT graduate recruited into a large telecommunications company.

In my 16-year-old boarding school away from home. Mom has gone another step, although she is very loving and thoughtful all for me but between me and my mother still has a gap. In school mathematics teacher Annie is the person I love most, behind the range of arid she was white chalk on the table is a open heart, she take me many good feelings.

age adults sometimes going so wild goose. Since soap and wanted to prove myself, so I smoke inhalation Stage set. Two buddies once escaped from school and get into a cheap hotel, we were arrested when drugs are approved.

Immediately evening you are a parent guarantee. I do not want to call her mother, she has a family to worry. David came to think about the day before, please smarting gas, especially, I wish father still lives in the world. Tomorrow when the dawn light shine, who would come pick me back? Between tears when I think he will be her Annie ...

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